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Hi, I've created a flow to "convert" an email to a task on ms teams via planner.

the task is obviously create in plain text and I would like the body of the task to include the attachments that the emails may include.
as to the reasoning - I work in IT (Helpdesk to be precise) and we're trying to out current platform which is CRM.

Usually the users send an email with either a picture attachment and / or zip or rar files.
I would like to know how or if it's possible to add those files with ms flow to a new task opened by those emails.

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Unfortunately, Flow does not have the capabilities to add attachments in to Planner-tasks at the moment(as far I know). 


Here is a voting on going for this matter:



Go in and vote so maybe we can see the feature in the future :)

You could explore the possibility to create tasks via Graph API that is called in the Flow....directly or by calling an Azure function that do all for you

I've not tried what you're asking for, but I've created an "on demand" flow for a sharepoint document library that creates a task and adds the selected document as an attachement in planner.


So, a solution might be save the files to a onedrive or sharepoint library and then add them as attachments in the task?

That was also my initial thought, though when I try and "get" or "save" and attachment with Sharepoint the argument asks for a website or link to get the attachment from and it won't let me chose the email's body or content unfortunately.