Does it make sense to build our business apps as Teams Apps?

Roger Johansson
New Contributor

We are currently building an internal CRM system.

This system needs to have support for things like Push notifications, Calendars, Todos and many other secondary concerns (main concern is customer relations).


So, instead of building all of this from scratch. we could host the system inside Teams. and get the calendars, todos, push notifications for free, they don't have to be _inside_ our app. just having it all accessible in the same windows would be a big win for us.


Does this make sense?

Is this how the future of Teams is envisioned, that it becomes a shell where you can mash up many different business apps with a shared login etc.?



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yes, that is exactly how I envision using Teams and how I explain it to my clients. Have you seen https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/platform/get-started/get-started
Agree here and to be more precise, the way to go is to integrate your App as a tab in Teams...then you could add additional features such as Bots or even connectors
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