Deleting a Post vs. Discarding an Edit on a Post

Lee Garkusha
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I originally had screenshots in the body of the post, but my post kept getting thrown back due to invalid html. Attaching them instead.


I noticed that when I went to edit a post in Teams, but then changed my mind, I didn't see a clear way to cancel. 


When my post is in an editable state, I see a "Delete" icon and a "Send" icon in the bottom right. I feel like if I click "Delete", it will delete my post, since this is the same icon that appears in the action menu for the post and actually does delete the post.


And when I hover over this icon, it even says "Delete"!


Thinking that this would delete my original post, I tried to figure out how I could just cancel this edit. I tried to exit the conversation, and even restart Teams, but when I came back, the post was still in an editable state. 


So I went back to my editable post and thought that maybe the Delete icon actually does mean "discard" instead. I clicked it, and it turns out this icon actually means to discard my edit, not delete the post. That's good, but I think this is confusing. It would be more clear to use a different icon or just the text "Discard"/"Cancel" instead.

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Just hit Esc on your keyboard, this gets right out of the edit window.

Thank you, I will just start doing that from now on. 

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