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Ralph Hagan
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in our old IM product (not Microsoft) we were able to create an 'expert group' or subject matter expert room.


I can't figure out how to do this in teams.  with skype 2015 persistent chat, I could create a category and then assign specific users or groups (from AD or exchange distribution lists) to a 'room' that kinda of worked somewhat by adding a 'topic' or 'ego' feed to get alerts that someone posted a question in their area or room,  of subject knowledge (SME).


like someone posting a question about benefits to an HR benefits chat room or asking a 'how to' question' to a specific application support room or 'feed'.  our older IM product used to call these 'expert groups'.


with skype 2019 and teams, how do we set this 'subject matter expert group' 'team or room'?

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Why not create a ”expert” team where you create channels for different topics! The persons for example HR follows the channel HR only and so on! When someone wants to ask HR something they just @mention the HR channel or write in the channel and all HR people will be notified! They can then answer any question and no one else needs to be involved


Depending on how many users you have in your organization you should maybe use Yammer for this instead. There is a member limit of 2500 users per Team and to ask question in the Team you have to be a member of that Team. But you still have to use some kind of mentions @groupname so that the correct group get an notification.

Both points made are valid. If you have a smaller org, then a public or maybe even an org-wide Team setup, with all your different departments or topics in it where the people that are responsible or experts at a topic can follow those channels. Then use @mentions to make sure people that favorite get notified, and you could even @mention multiple topics(channels) in a channel conversation to bring multiple expert groups attention to it.
Thanks.. we'll review this method.
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