Could someone shed some light on the guest access Azure AD consideration and ratio limitations?

Mårten Hellebro

This article describes guest access based on Azure AD B2B, but how does it relate to guest access in Microsoft Teams? Is a guest user in Teams considered an Azure AD B2B user? Or is it another licensing model? If I have 100 users in my tenant can we have up to 500 guest users in Teams then?


I hope someone can shed some light on this, because reading this article doesn’t really clarifies anything to me. In the article it says:

“If a host invites an employee using a consumer address. - This scenario is not compliant with our licensing policies and is not recommended.”


Many thanks


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No, that's for the standalone Azure B2B feature. When you are using Guest access as part of any of the O365 services, those users get added to the default directory. There are no limits in the amount of Guest users you can have, nor do they cost anything. You can find additional information in the documentation here:

Hi Vasil, Thank you so much for clarifying it. Do you know if it is possible to have MFA on a guest user in Teams? 

And yes, you can also enable MFA if needed, via Conditional access policies.

Hi Vasil,


Sorry for digging up this very old thread. But the link you posted clearly states: 


Guest access is included with all Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise, and Office 365 Education subscriptions with no additional licensing requirement. You can have up to 5 guests per licensed user on your tenant. For more information about licensing, see Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration licensing guidance.


The article is recently updated... Maybe Microsoft is changing some stuff.

Hi! I can’t see any changes in the documentation regarding this?


Here is the section. I don't know when this was added, or it was already there.


But this clearly says that we can have 5 guests per license, or am I missing something?


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Yes, this is the way it works! “the 5:1 rule”
Don’t know what was said back then but this rule was debated earlier in the thread as well and I know it’s been around for a while!
There are some situation when this rule don’t apply, for example if the guest user is licensed for 365 in own tenant! Read about this in the same documentation


The best response in this thread states: There are no limits in the amount of Guest users you can have, nor do they cost anything.

I think this might confuse people. But thanks for the confirmation.

Yes! That documentation he linked to might have changed since his post! I doubt Vasil Didn’t know this ;) he knows his stuff well..
Either way right now It clearly states the guest rule applies to teams as well!
Great catch

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