Conversation Tab linking to Sharepoint hosted Excel file?

john eddy
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I see I can link to an excel file if it's added to the Teams documents.

Or I can link to a sharepoint document library.

Or I can link to a sharepoint page or list.


But is there no way to link to a document hosted on sharepoint (besides the simple website option)?

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Are you after having the sharepoint document opened directly in teams?

You will need the doc in teams if you want a link to open it in teams! Otherwise a sp link will open it with office online
Technically all files are in sharepoint but they need to be in the corresponding channel folders to be seen and to create a teams link

@adam deltinger Honestly, I think I'm torn on the user experience. I mean, someday, yeah, I'd probably like it to just open in teams, but first step is simply making sure there isn't an easier way to add the doc. I suspect a deeper connection to sharepoint and sharepoint libraries is on the roadmap, like the ability to link to a document by browsing for it like you can browse for the library itself. Adding it as a basic url just seems very... barbaric =)

Yeah, but what’s your use case really?
You could just add the doc as a tab in a channel!

@adam deltinger If I had control over where the spreadsheet exists, I could. But I don't and it exists in a sharepoint library.

Just add it as cloud storage in the files tab, click the ... on the document and choose “make this a tab”
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