Controlling Who Can Share in a Team Meeting

Jordan Boen
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Hello -


We have been using Teams for basic chat since we came on O365, however we'd like to move from GoToMeeting to Teams for internal company desktop sharing and basic meetings. I just did my first test meeting, used the latest desktop app, and invited a co-worker - however we found that she could take screen-sharing ability at will and even close out the meeting if she wanted. 


How can you manage meeting access rights the joining users have when they join the meeting? Or do you just tell people to not share their screen? 



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You can set policies per users, but that affects everything they can do not just individual meetings. The in meeting restrictions are pretty limited right now with Teams as people can mute / unmute / share screens at will during meetings and can sometimes be problematic.
Oh wow, ok thanks Chris! That seems like something that needs to be sorted soon if they want companies to use this for external meetings or larger scale meetings with 50+ people. For now, since it'll mainly just be internal office users, I'll just tell them to behave =]

Larger scale meetings can use the "Live Events" feature, which can broadcast and have full control over meetings. But I still agree a few options more options to restrict what goes on in the meetings for the meeting organizers should be in. I think it's coming, the UI just needs to catch up now that the functionality is in.

That's the "equal access" model employed by Groups, and it has been a looooooong battle trying to explain why this doesn't work for all organizations. I do hope we see some proper controls in the near future. It's even funnier when guest/external users can perform some of these actions :)

Yeah the Teams Tuesday’s calls get interesting!
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