Configure channel to have email notifications sent to specific email address?

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Is it possible to configure a channel in MS Teams to have an email sent to a specific email address/alias (like our dev team email) when someone posts to the channel?   


I've read everything about email notifications in Teams and I don't see how this can be done.

I want an email notification sent at <emailofmychoice> when anyone posts to the channel.  Is this even possible?

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You could use Flow, there is a new action called 'When a new channel message is added' (it is in preview at the moment), you can then get it to send an email to a given email address, I believe.

Yup, what @Tanya Denton said is a great solution.


I would also ask why do you want an email for posts in a channel, seems kind of the wrong way round.  What will happen with the message at that address, maybe there's a better solution.

Thanks @Tanya Denton 

I did this with MS Flow, but this is really convoluted. I still get errors in the Flow because email subject is empty, hopefully I can get this to work eventually.   And I assume replies to the post will not appear as responses to original email, which how it logically should be


@Steven Collier 

I don't see anything wrong with having a notification sent to group alias when something happens in Teams. I don't know why this is not built-in into the product.

Not everyone has the Teams app, and people are still used to email better than any new technology or whatever. I just want them to be notified, "get a mail in the box" so to speak. I don't care if they delete it, or forget about it the next day.

@whatever630 Yammer used to have a feature like that, but your post ended up being full of email signatures and out of office messages, it wasn't great. An Office 365 Group conversation is really the experience of an email centric conversation experience.

@whatever630 to overcome a user not giving a post in Teams a subject, in the flow part 'Send an email' give a pre-defined subject like 'A new post has been added to ...' then you can add the dynamic content 'Subject'.  In addition, to help Team user adoption, you could also add in the body of the email a link to the Team app.


As for responses, you need to be a Member in the Team to be able to respond.


We are finding Teams a really good way of communication and collaborating, in just a couple of months our email has dropped and even the hardened email users are finding Teams a really useful tool.  Although I totally understand that users still like to live in email, with Teams, as you know, they can still get notifications by email.


Good luck with finding a solution.