Comprehensive List of All Settings and Policies

Michael Towner
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I think the concept of Teams being the center spoke for all Microsoft products is great.  Where we are struggling is finding and understanding all the settings and policies that have an impact on Teams.  We are in pilot currently and I have been compiling all the options and so far I have found 75 in 3 distinct locations.  Teams Settings, Office 365 Admin - O365 Groups and Azure AD - Groups.  Does anyone know of a plan to consolidate all these into a single dashboard?  

Does my count match what everyone else has?  

I have attached the list I have so far.


What about a Best Practice guide just covering these.

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I have hard to see that it will all be consolidated due to the many different workloads it depends on!
Teams settings from the office 365 admin portal have been mostly ported to Teams Admin Center but there are a few settings left there!
There will always be other places for settings regarding teams stuff, like sharepoint for files, dev and compliance for compliance settings etc

@adam deltinger 

I know it's wishful thinking it would be a single location.


That's why I thought this would be a good forum to build said list we could all reference.

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