Company menu navigation (Global) on a Teams document library?

Rob O'Keefe
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Is it possible to get a Global navigation menu to show up across the top of Teams? People are working in both Teams and "traditional" sharepoint document libraries and want to keep generally the same experience (not in the Teams client, only when you have done "Open in Sharepoint").



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Not really sure what you mean, but you can add top links to your library (site)
Not really if you want it in Teams. That isn't customizable right now. If ever. You can link to websites that have the navigation, but Modern Interfaces are going to not display all of the chrome.

Teams isn't really supposed to have the same interface and navigation. I suppose you could create an SPFx app that you add as a tab to channels that provides navigation to users in Teams, but if they click on a link are you taking them to SP or Teams?
Soon a new interface will be released for the files experience. It will be similar to the share point experience. Regarding navigation I think the best thing to do is keep it simple and start using the teams navigation ( channels)

Thanks for multiple replies, let me flush out the Use Case more.


Our main O365 Sharepoint employee usage is centered around a Home page with several "hub pages". The Home and all pages and all document libraries carry one consistent Global Navigation menu. Most of those links are to document libraries in different sites and sub-sites. The menu is security trimmed so you only see what you have access to. We are not using Modern UI.


Now enter Teams. Very popular for small groups, but still not widely adopted yet. So people are making documents and collaborating in Document Libraries. Often they open the files area via  "Open In Sharepoint" and then their experience is different whether they are in a Teams Document Library or a "Sharepoint Document Library" because there is no Global Menu. I am trying to convey that a Document Library is a Document Library but this is a major difference. 


Most of use need to work both in main document libraries and Teams document libraries. I just want them to be able to look the same. Not that every customer needs to do it, but it should be an option to have Global navigation be.... global!


Thanks for any ideas, I think I am headed towards not using "Files" in Teams (which of course you can't take the Files menu choice off) and just linking to traditional document libraries, but I do like the simplified Administration of the file areas in Teams vs. traditional.



@Harry Oppenheim check this out... hopefully a solution emerges!

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