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Dave Pyett
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Hi all,


I've a query regarding the coexistence mode that I'm hoping someone can answer for me:


Our tenant is in Islands mode so all users can use both SfB and Teams (although only a small group of people are actively using Teams - most are unaware of it's existence).


I want to start trialing Teams properly with a group of users and was planning to set their mode to Teams only - to force the 1 client (having both clients is causing confusion).  I understand that when using Teams only mode, you can only initiate chats etc from Teams.


However, with the rest of the user base being in Islands mode, if I (as a Teams only user) sends an IM through Teams to a user who doesn't have Teams installed and is is still configured with the Islands mode, do they get the IM in SfB or are they prompted to download Teams?


Just trying to understand the implications as I don't want hundreds of employees suddenly being made aware of Teams and swamping our support team with requests.


Thanks.  Dave

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I would recommend this article by our Communities very own @Steven Collier

In TeamsOnly, messaging someone in Islands goes to Teams. Solution would be to set all other users to Skype only so when someone in TeamsOnly messages it goes to Skype and vice versa.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

Awesome - thanks Chris!

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