Channel e-mail not arriving from Veeam Agent for Windows

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We are experiencing a strange issue with channel e-mails. We are configuring our backup clients on various servers to send backup job notifications to channel e-mails, but notifications from Veeam Windows Backup Agents are not arriving at the designated Teams channel. We are fairly certain that the problem is on the Teams side since the backup agents are sending notifications to ordinary e-mail addresses successfully. What kind of options do we have to check the mail flow on the Teams side in case something is killing the message, marking it as spam or something similar?


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@Rudolf_Purge You can't check on email flow. What you can do is to

  • check your tenant & team email address settings (what tenants are allowed, does the sender have to a member of team etc). Also: test with sending a email from consumer email. 
  • Check out the agent email: is it "well formatted" with headers etc. These might cause reasons why the email doesn't make it's way to Teams.
  • Send feedback to Teams / open a support ticket. You might get info from there about the email flow
  • Direct these emails to certain email box in Outlook and hook up a Flow there to relay information to Teams (if the problem is that you can't get the email into teams but you get it in email box). 


The emails in Teams are great, but it is always necessary to test the email flow before using it in production. As in with emails usually: email delivery is rarely guaranteed to happen in minutes. Sometimes mails can get lost (not often but sometimes).

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