Changed channel name stuck in favorites

Thomas Stockwell
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Has anyone seen this bug/problem. We are using Channels as the equivalent of a mini-project. When the project is complete we rename the Channel with the prefix "XCOMPLETE". This allows easy visual reference of what's complete and what's active. I currently have a dozen or so complete projects that are "Un-favorited" and "Unfollowed", however I have 5 projects that are marked XCOMPLETE that I can't seem to "un-favorite". I've tried this at the ellipses and in the Channels tab under the team with no luck. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.


As an aside is there another way to flag a Channel as complete, inactive or otherwise "to be ignored"???  

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Currently, cannot archive channels, they are working on that ability at some point. As for the favorite issue, try on you mobile device and see if you can do it. If not, then only thing I can think of try to rename channel back, and see if you can do it after that. If so I would say it might be a bug that Microsoft might need to be contacted on.

That worked, I'm astonished. I'm curious, why would that work? Nevertheless thanks! -t

Yeah, he ain’t called Chris the bliss for nothing! Although please explain which of his suggestions that worked ?

He suggested that I attempt to un-favorite the renamed Channels from the mobile app. And that worked - I can't imagine why....


I had previously attempted to rename and then un-favorite the Channel but that didn't work. 

If I had to guess caching. The desktop client is notorious for it. If you were to sign out and back in on Desktop client that might fix it. Or possible that it would need a file cache delete to fix too. Still possibly a bug that could use being fixed if we can recreate the issue consistently.

I had the same issue and un-favoriting the channel from the mobile app was the only thing that worked.

Consider those things as Easter eggs in Teams! :)
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