Cannot publish News or Events in SharePoint from a Microsoft Teams tab

Edvard Wikström
New Contributor

After watching this brilliant session from Ignite (THR2063), where @Karuana Gatimu shows how you can leverage SharePoint news and events from within Teams to manage your projects, i tried to set it up myself. However i noticed that i am not able to publish any news or events from within Teams. I can start composing pages but the "Publish" button is not showing in the interface. 


Is this a bug or simply not a feature? Is there any workaround apart from opening the page in SharePoint and doing it from there?


Another nice feature would be to be able to hide the "Add" button from the News and Events webpart. 


I'm planning to suggest this solution to one of our customers, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 


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Dont think that feature is releases yet! I’ll check the roadmap and post back

Yeah as adam has said I don't think their updated web parts have shipped yet. I still use "website" tab when dealing with SharePoint sites. You might try that as a work around for now.
As far as the add button, you have to remove permission from the pages library in order to hide that button from others. You can restrict it from members of the Team, but not owners as they are site collection admins.