Cannot open link file types from with the Files tab

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I dragged some URL link items from a folder in OneDrive into the Files section in Teams


When I click on these URL links from within the Teams Files tab they do not open to a website, instead they try to download


If I click to the actual library within Sharepoint, and then click these URL links, they open ok (ie. they take you to a website)


Why don't they open from within the Teams Files tab?


BTW - I noticed in the "New" menu in the Teams Files tab you can create a new folder or file, but you cannot create a new URL link. Whereas in both OneDrive and Sharepoint the "New" menu has a "link" selection (it's the globe icon)

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I would recommend that you add this as a suggestion to Microsoft Teams User Voice: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public

It's been almost a year and you still cannot open a SharePoint URL in Teams?! Teams should not have launched without this basic functionality.

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