Cannot change profile picture - option missing

Anna Procházková
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some users cannot change their profile picture as the option is missing for them (in desktop as well in a web browser application). 


I personally see the option and I have no idea what is happening as I checked all the possible setting in admin portal and user licenses.


Could someone help me, please?


Many thanks!



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This is very strange and I have seen the issue before in other threads...each user should be able to change his/her profile picture....have you tried this on different browsers? By the way, I think you should also open a support ticket

Thanks. We have tried it via different browsers as well but unfortunately the option is still missing.


I also tried to open a support ticket to Microsoft right away but until now I have not been contacted (the ticket was opened two weeks ago).

Did you ever get a solution of this problem?

I too have this problem with a few of our users.


Best regards Lars Skogshus


Unfortunately no, but they were able to change it via mobile app.

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