Can't favourite a channel

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I'm trying to favourite a channel in one of my teams, but it won't work. Nothing is displayed in the logs, and I can favourite other channels just fine.


I tried favouriting using :

- the star in the channels listing

- the option in the "three point" menu of the channel, in the channels listing

- the star next to the channel name in the channel window


Thank you

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Sounds strange! Exactly what happens? Will the star just don’t tick?
Web or desktop? Try both
I’m not aware of any limitation of self - favorite channels, but un- favorite another channel in this team and try again!

Hi Adam,

I tried favoriting/unfavoriting a channel that was not favorited before : it works
I tried unfavoriting a channel that was already favorited : it doesn't work

I wish I could show you exactly but I can't due to confidentiality issues. Basically :
1- click on the the three point menu where it shows unfavorited channels
2- click on the star next to the channel
3- the menu closes and the channel is not displayed in favorited channels
4- if I click back on the three point menu I can see the channel is not favorited

Only workaround I found is making the channel a favorite for the whole team.

Tried from both clients?
Yes, same issue in browser.

They are removing the Favorite (heart) functionality, see the discussion in the Info Center community at Re: Can you please stop changing the layout/navigation?


Sorry, this is not directly relevant to the question (which I read too quickly)

This is about the Tech community forum :)

which is why I shared the link. I don't understand your comment.
Sorry, Your link was about the community forum! The issue is about teams!


got it, my coffee is still brewing and i'm not thinking clearly:) I had been involved in that other discussion about losing favorites in this community and had that on my mind.


while my link is not relevant to the original question, it may be of interest so I won't delete it.

Interesting link indeed, didn't know about this "subscribing" thing!
Hmm, this is odd. When you say channels you have favorited before work, are they in the same Team or a different Team of the channels not working?

They are in the same team.

I should note that I'm an owner of the team.

Yeah, i've never seen this before outside of doing a sign out and sign back in, but you said even the web version does it so that probably wont' matter. I think you might have to get this one put in with Microsoft Support and see what happens there.
Mm, seems to be somethings wrong happening when channel got created or something
How many channels are you up to in the Team?

In this team, only 3

Hi guys!

Sorry Adam for not responding sooner. Just got back from Ignite.

What about in the mobile app? I see testing going on in the web and desktop apps but no mobile app? Would be interesting also to see if another user can favourite it. If none of these work then I agree with all it’s looking like a support job.

Best, Chris
I know you were :) you have to tell us if there was any news not presented at Ignite later!
Agree regarding the answer!
Back in the UK. Vincent - any news on this and testing from mobile and getting others to test on this channel?

Best, Chris


Sorry for the delay.


I would try using the app, but that means installing a new app called "Microsoft Intune" that apparently would register my personal device to my company, and I don't want that.

So I can't do the test sorry.

Hi Vincent,

No worries! The Microsoft Teams mobile app


Shouldn't need Intune in order to be installed. Whilst some do use Intune to push out these apps to enrolled devices it is not a prerequisite. If you have access to the store on your device you would be able to download Teams and simply use your username/password to login. There, you can try an remove the favourite on the channel.

Let me know how it goes.

Best, Chris
Yes I tried that, but when I login to my corporate account it asks me to download Intune.
Hi Vincent.

I see. Perhaps this is an opportunity for a corporate device! Just so you know, Intune does not monitor any personal activity (I.e. web-browsing) on the device it is just for protecting the device so it will protect the corporate applications and ensure the device is compliant and configured to be able to use them.

If the issue persists with the desktop/web app and the mobile app is out then the only other avenue for this is to raise a ticket to Microsoft support and see if they can see a reason why. Can other Team members favourite that channel? Is it just isolated to you?
Best, Chris
I just tried from a colleague computer and it works for him. So seems like it's isolated to me.
Hi Vincent,

Ok, so it is isolated to you. I would like you to try a workaround if it happens just for this particular channel in this particular team.

Can you get the colleague on the other computer to sign out from Teams, can you sign in on their computer and favourite the channel?

Hoping this works.

Best, Chris

Same issue for me:

I cannot unfavorite 3 of the 12 channels of my team.

I tried in desktop app and web app.


Manually disconnecting and reconnecting seems to have done the trick.

@Vincent_AIRIAU wrote:

Manually disconnecting and reconnecting seems to have done the trick.

I am sorry, but it didn't.

The same issue for me.
I cannot remove channels from favourite.
I tried in the Windows app, in browser and in Mobile app. No way.
Weirdest of all: one Team has 20 channels. Only one channel can be un-favourite, not the rest.
I've tried to delete and restore a channel: doesn't work.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


The same issue for me.
I cannot remove channels from favourite.
I tried in the Windows app, in browser and in Mobile app. No way.
Weirdest of all: one Team has 20 channels. Only one channel can be un-favourite, not the rest.
I've tried to delete and restore a channel: doesn't work.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

If you’ve tried from all the clients, (desktop,web,mobile and logged out / in etc, I’d raise a ticket with Microsoft!

Had this issue with a customer recently also but it could be remedied by doing it on the mobile client!


I will, thank you.
Anyway, after reviewing previous messages, I signed out and in from mobile (Android) app and now it works, but only on mobile.


Tried login out from desktop? Not closing but do a full logout! Try the web from in private!

I have the same issue. I have a Teams group with 44 channels. There are 2 channels that I cannot unfavorite. I tried logging out and quitting the app, then restarting and signing in. I tried all methods for unfavoriting. The function works for other channels in the same group, and others in the group don't have the issue with the 2 specific channels. I tried all methods via the web app - no dice.

I tried via the mobile app on my Samsung S9, it worked, and the 2 channels immediately dropped from my favorites list. I am still unable to favorite/unfavorite those channels from my desktop app or the web app, but the mobile app works fine. There must be something cached affecting those 2 channels?

Mobile app for the win.

Exactly the same here in that desktop app and web app won't favourite/unfavourite 10 of my 24 channels but it works fine on the mobile app.
Going back to the same channel still doesn't work after cycling it with the mobile app either.
Hi all,

This seems to be a persistent issue for multiple users.

@adam deltinger - do you agree we should raise this at the AMA on the 14th? Not really a way forward to have to implement workarounds like logout/login or switch to the mobile app in order to favourite/unfavourite a channel? Should just be able to be done regardless of the client.

Best, Chris
Yes! For sure!! We’ll bring this up!

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you guys know that Microsoft is aware of this issue and currently working on getting a fix out for it.
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