Can't deploy pages in onenote for classroom created with teams

Oddgeir Sværen
New Contributor

Hi. I have created a couple of Teams for my classes. However, for some files I can use the "deploy pages" feature, but for some I can't. And I don't understand why! And the funny part is that this only allpies when I use the desktop application of OneNote, not the Online version. As a matter of fact, in the desktop version it seems like some of my Onenote for classroom files are not considered as such. Has there been a change in file format? Am I trapped between OneNote for classroom files formats from Classroom and Teams and something else?

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This issue is solved. Found that you can't change the name of the Content Library AND Collaboration Library in your Onenote for Classroom file. If you do - the distribution of pages and sections is no longer available.
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