Can't copy a file from Teams to OneDrive

Joseph Narai
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The function is there in Teams - in the Files Tab. Steps to reproduce:


  1. Go to Files Tab in Teams
  2. Click on the ... for the file you want to copy
  3. Select Copy
  4. Select OneDrive
  5. Select Destination Folder (or just the root)
  6. Select Copy

You just get an error saying "Sorry we ran into a problem" the file was not copied.


The work around is to Open the file in SharePoint and copy from there.


All this is because we are unable to share a file from a Team with anyone outside the organisation! So frustrating!!

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Be patient...this seems to be a bug that needs to be solved by the team

We've just started with office365, 
but we run into the same problem als described here almost a year ago

has someone found the reason for this 'file lock'

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