Can I Email to a Team channel

Bart van der Meer
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Is it possible to send an email to a Team Channel? or to a specific Team. Currently those forwarded or received emails are shown just in Groups.

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Interesting question. I feel like I'm not quite grasping something though. What would be the purpose of sending email to a team channel? How/Where would you expect the email to be delivered if you could?

I would like it to go to a channel. example: I receive an email from a customer which I would like to share and discuss with my team. In this case I can of course copy/paste it as a conversation, though it would be easier to simply forward it to the channel as a new conversation.

This is not possible


I saw that every TEAMS have an email .... 

If you find the teams into the office365 contact of your organization,  you can find the team and, as other contact, it have an email address associated to it.


I have tried to send mail to this address but the meil is not delivered.. enywhere...

I think that teams and channel should have an email in order to receive notification and to be reached from outside...



For me, this is exactly what I'm hoping to avoid using teams, having team/chat and collaborative workspaces will start to wittle down the amount of e-mail flying around. I see from your reply below that you have a more specific requirement but I'm hoping to get people out of the e-mail as chat culture and use it genuinely as electronic mail.


Everyone works differently but for me I would even question why my customer/supplier is e-mailing me and how do I better connect that channel so that they don't need to. Other apps like power BI can link to data sources etc. and link into teams - is there an option for you to use something other than e-mail for their input?

It will end up in the Group which is created automatically when you setup a new Team.



In the specific, i need this feature not for send to me mail from phisical person, but to receive ALERTS from monitoring platform.

Monitoring platform send email alert, usually...



I'm trying not to check e-mails as much an hour in the morning and an hour just after lunch - check if you can attach the alerting system as a data source, maybe something like Power BI could also help depending on your requirements of course.

From our testing:

A team is an office 365 group and it has an email address.

So if you create a Team called ABC for Contoso then you end up with a ABC Office365 group with email address (assuming it was free)

You can email that address from outlook and it will receive emails but they won't go back to Microsoft Teams.

To further emphasize this, add the group to your Outlook and you will see that email there.


From my perspective this is a problem because like you, I don't want to have staff emailing when they can just post to a team channel.

I have tried this way but the email are not received into the teams.
I can see the mail of the team into the company addresses, but if I send e mail to this address the email are not delivered to teams.

In addiction, when a team have more than one channel... become a problem because for my point of view every channel shoud have an email address ..

Ideally a Team email address would post to the General Channel if someone emails that Team's email address.  A secondary notation in the subject line @channel could place it into a specific channel.


Right now the email goes to the group and can be found in Outlook Groups but it doesn't end up Microsoft Teams at all.

As i see it teams will go same way as slack in the way of using bots or connectors for allerts not mail which is good.


You can hide the team smtp adress from "GAL" which will minimize the traffic, still the team wont see any if you dont add the 365 group to outlook.


And to follow that up i would add  maybe mail flow rules to block that mail adress if you dont want to clutter the office365 group that lies behind the Team.


Maybe will be future feature to handle that better maybe.

Intresting discussion! I think there are some mixings here of different drivers & requirements:


  1. The business need/Use Case (the channel/format from customer is email, it need to get in to the chat room)
  2. The individual preferenses/working styles (I want to work IRC/chat based and move away from mail)
  3. Governance, policies, support, Enterprise wise maintainability (remove from GAL, minify confusion/support)

It's always a pity when all these drivers - which are true - are put against each other instead of finding the right blend/mixin. You can merely force your customer to swith over to bot from mail if they prefer this channel for collab/communication, can you?


Why couldn't the Office 365 Group mail conversation (or Yammer) be an optional board in the Teams channel/team? Like OD, BI and Excel are? The Services are there, it's just about finding the right digital orchestration for this team/customer/collab environment?


This is what I hope for when Office 365 brings in the "Slack" option to the ecosystem.: That it will play nice with all the other services - AND have enterprise capabilities for governance, security etc.    

I have the same requirement here. Often get emails from vendors / partners with final deliverables / attachments that I would like to share internally with Teams to continue conversations. Ideally an email to channel feature would easily support this use case. 


Also as part of internal onboarding challenges and adoption, it would help to have this feature to migrate any conversations that start internally by email, which should be taking place in Teams.  Copy / paste option is always possible, but not ideal. 

sending of e-mail to MS-team would be of great added value and all the members of the specific team would be notificed quickly rather sending the inidvidual mail.


Also  can be integrated on configuring the team notifications either

I'm with Bart on this.  I've only just started using Teams in the past 12 hours and can see how I will be able to stop using Slack and Wunderlist. One of the nice things about Outlook and Wunderlist is that you can turn an email in Outlook into a Wunderlist to do. Other posts elsewhere in other forums have stated that there are no plans to add a Wunderlist like link to Teams (not sure why). So, if that wasn't an option, I was hoping to be able to email to a Team. And then go in and turn it into a to do. But, as I'm new at this, maybe I'm missing something else.




To drive thousands of employess to a disparate number of different workflow / toolsets to initate a process is not practical. As a result, in large organizations workflows are many time initated by emails as the requestor can be from any part of the organization. Not being able to start a discusson and related activities without an email kicking off the process is a major problem. At a minimun, it should be an option to allow/ not allow.

Following this thread to keep an eye on how this feedback changes. You all should stay tuned... ;)


Yes, now you can. Click on three dots next to channel name and select "Get e-mail address"






You get e-mail address of team channel and you can also control who can send e-mails to that address (click on "advanced settings"):  anyone, only teammembers or specific domains.


Sent emails will show up in channel as new conversation. New folder is created under Files tab named "Email messages" where mails are stored. If you delete email from that folder conversation under "Conversations" tab will be also deleted

Great, great feature just ready to use in Teams :-)
Thanks for sharing this, really helpful!

I found it, tried it and it works well.  Thanks

So this is a fantastic start. Except you have to know the email address for every channel and you can't move messages between channels. Hopefully it's on their list. Again. A great start

Agreed and perhaps there are different views on this but probably would have been easier to have something like <team name> and the subject line hashtag #<channel name> for the email feature.


So email to with a subect line #general #events would drop the email into both the general and events channel.  No hashtag would drop it into general.



Totally agree here.  The current setup includes the Subject Line of the email in the post and that's useless.  We could use the subject line to direct the message to a specific channel in the team.  How do we request this feature?

@Aivar Paalberg wrote:

Yes, now you can. Click on three dots next to channel name and select "Get e-mail address"






You get e-mail address of team channel and you can also control who can send e-mails to that address (click on "advanced settings"):  anyone, only teammembers or specific domains.


Sent emails will show up in channel as new conversation. New folder is created under Files tab named "Email messages" where mails are stored. If you delete email from that folder conversation under "Conversations" tab will be also deleted

Yes the feature is now available. Great to see it made it to the globally available app.

UserVoice. And post back the link of your item so everyone here can vote to drive visiblity and priority. @Suphatra Rufo does an awesome job managing UserVoice and making sure ideas that get traction get seen by the right people.

I've just written this up in a post here aptly titled : 'Did you know you can send an Email (with attachments) to a Microsoft Teams Tab? Here’s how…'.


It walks you through the entire process and also illustrates how the email + attachment gets automatically stored into SharePoint. You don't get an option to specify which SharePoint site is used to back a channel though..

I use the email address to forward a email and continue the conversation on TEAMS

2017-04-12 17_55_18-General (EndUser - Desktops) _ Microsoft Teams.png

Unfortunately this menu disappeared somehow


Whats version do have you?

I have Microsoft Teams, versión (64 bits). Se actualizó por última vez el 26/4/17.

and works.




That option disappearing like that is evidence of your tenant admin disabling the feature, unfortunately. You should check with them first.

The same version. Moreover, it worked on the same version couple days ago.

Most probably you are right. I've already contacted our admin group. Thanks!

I use Ms access and Vba to send automated emails.  This feature will help me to send them directly to teams but I would like to see a notification pop up when teams receives it

Agree on the need for some sort of notifications. It needs some way to carry through @ tags from email and convert them into Teams tags that fire notifications.


You can somewhat do this now by 'Following' that Channel, but be warned that will give you notifications for EVERYTHING in that Channel which can get overwhelming very fast if the Channel is busy. A separate Channel just for these emails and the conversation directly related to them might work, but your results may vary.

Thank you very much.


Just one more question.  Can we have notifications to appear as a toast message or any other indication when an email reaches a channel... and how do we set it up...?


This was a recent question posted further down in this trail, by Mark Miller and should benefit him as well.

As a tenant admin, how do you do that?

Enable/Disable the whole email a channel feature? Check your admin settings in the Email Integration section. Reference here:

I am afraid that this might not be admin doing. We have encountered it several times that Microsoft update disables option to send e-mail to channel. Most recently it occured after guest access was enabled (

This works great save for one issue. No notification.
I'm on windows 7 and i don't get a notification when my team channel receives an email. But my users on Windows 10 do get a notification.

When another user sends a message in the channel i get a notification but not when an email comes in.

I've fixed the notification issue by going to the sharepoint site and using the alert feature

sharepoint site?

I dont have a sharepoint site associated with my team.

Yes you do, every Team has sharepoint site, with a Document Library for the files,  each Channel has a folder in the default document library.

Click on the ... next to the Team title, choose open in Sharepoint 

You should.  Teams seems to be a ui with sharepoint running in the background.  If you go to files (next to conversations), a submenu Capture.JPG

So I use MS Access.  It generates pdf's that I need signature on.  I created a ESign Channel which created a ESign Folder on the team sharepoint site.  I then created a alert for the Esign Folder to notify me when a new item is added to the folder.  


Once I get a notification, I open Adobe E-Signature and drag the file over and finish the process.  Unfortunately, my company does not allow us to use Microsoft Flow :(

Ok, I found it and got logged in. 


set the option to Follow the team project. still no notification.