Calling Plans for Teams with International Calling

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We have a small group of staff members who travel internationally to various middle eastern countries.  This group travels between, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahran and UAE.  The problem is our cell phone provider has limited or different calling plans for each country which makes it very difficult to use their cell phones from one country to another.   We have started using Teams but don't have the calling features enabled.   Is it possible to set up a small number of users who have calling plans so they can make those international calls using Teams?  I realize they would still have to have some sort of data plan on their devices but they could also rely on hotel wifi to make and receive calls using Teams.   I just don't know if I'm able to set up a few numbers without having the entire org on the call plan and what that means for international calling.  

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You can, the issue is, many UAE and surrounding countries have a history of blocking VoiP applications for use. Many of those places Skype is blocked etc. If they can always connect to Teams and not getting issues, then I don't see why you couldn't use Teams Calling.

You can license per user for Calling so no worry there. You just need to make sure the numbers you call are supported on the international plan since it doesn't include all numbers, some places won't allow mobile calling etc.

You can read over this document and connecting documents which does a good job explaining the plans and all of that. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/MicrosoftTeams/2-envision-make-my-service-decisions-phone-system

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