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Hello Folks.

Please, I'm using the MS Teams on my machine (E5) and doesn't appears any option to include the calendar and call tab. Some users here there are this opitions.. Could you know how can I include that options on my profile?


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Do you mean the Meetings and Calls option in the left rail?  If so, the Calls option will only show for users who have been enabled for Teams calling, however Microsoft are currently rolling out an update so all users with see this option, some tenancies have this update already. 


Is your mailbox hosted in Exchange Online or on-premises? From memory it will only display if your mail box is hosted in Office 365.

Hello James,

Thank you for your support.


Yes, I mean Meetings and call options, I'm sorry.


Yes, everybody here is hosted in O365. what about the meetings call? We will need to waiting MS launche a updated?


The forthcoming update to Microsoft Teams will mean all users will see the calls option (irrespective of whether you have configured the cloud voice options - see next). 


If you are planning on using the cloud voice options in Teams (e.g. making/receiving calls via the PSTN - public switched telephone network) then this needs to be configured/enabled for users, which will then mean they see the Calls option (the update above is not required in this scenario). Here is some guidance on cloud voice deployment https://docs.microsoft.com/en-US/MicrosoftTeams/cloud-voice-deployment



The meetings option should appear if the users mailbox is hosted in the tenancy. There are some other considerations which are covered in the following article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/exchange-teams-interact


Worth mentioning as well that when using Teams as a guest user (e.g. logged into another companies tenancies) the meeting option is not displayed.




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