Bug: Start file conversations in read-only channel

David Andersson

We have a team where we have locked the General channel so that only owners may publish and comment. But we have noticed that when a member opens a file in the team, the button "Start file conversation" is still working. When a member (not owner) clicks it, a new conversation is started by that member, but they cannot write anything in it.


That should not be possible. Last week we had a notification sent out to all our staff that an empty file conversation was started by a non-owner, which of course is sub-optimal ...

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Just want to post a reminder about this issue. Is it looked into? Yesterday our staff had a session when we opened a lot of team files, and during an hour there were a bunch notifications sent out to all staff about people sending files to the team, when they actually just accidentally hit the "Start conversation" buttonSkärmklipp.JPG