Bots - Disabled by administrator?

David Noble


I've created a Q&A bot to be used in Teams. I've tested the bot from Azure and all seems fine.

I've connecting the bot to Teams via Azure, I open Teams to speak to my bot.

I can start a chat with my bot. However, in the text box it states: "Sending new messages to this bot has been disabled by your administrator" the administrator being me!

Do I need to do something else in either Azure or Teams (I couldn't see anything in Teams) to allow my created bot to work?

I've added third party bots previously with no issues.


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How did you add your Bot to Teams? Remember you need to have Apps sideloading enabled in your teams settings to properly deploy your bot

I linked my bot via the 'Connect to Channels' area under the Bot Service in Azure.

Turning on the 'App sideloading' in the Teams admin page, now lets me communicate with my app.



Can you guys tell me where I can find this setting?

Click here and select Microsoft Teams> Applications> Allow sideloading of external applications:

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