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We are looking to help roll out Microsoft Teams to some of our clients but I have some worries about Backup and Compliance:


  • I can see 1:1 chat history is backed up in the users exchange account under Conversation > Teams within our 3rd backup software, but how does a user get to this in their Outlook?
  • Where does a channels chat history backup to?
  • Where do files shared in 1:1 chat backup to?
  • It looks like group chat files are backed up to What's the best way of keeping versions of these files? Using version history?

Also on another note we have been trialing 3rd party backup software but don't have a great solution yet. Does anyone have any recommendations? We have been using Barracuda and Skykick.






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The channel chats are stored in the group mailbox.
The 1 to 1 chat files are stored in the users OneDrive that shares the file.
I don't bother with 3rd party backup utilities I feel Microsoft's retention policies are adequate. We do use Druva cloud to backup clients still. Once OneDrive releases the restore point feature here in a month or two won't be a need.
My 2 cents here:
(1) AFAIK, there is not a direct way for users to get the conversations stored in Outlook for compliance can get those conversations by using the compliance features you have in Office 365.
(2) Channels chats are stored in Azure so I assume there is some kind of backup there. Also these chats are stored in the same Conversation folder in the Group inbox.
(3) Microsoft is the one that makes backup for SPO and ODFB, so in theory you have each 12 hours a back of your SPO and ODFB data...but to get this backup (for restoration purposes) you need to open a service request.
(4) There are some backup vendors for Office 365, but just remember that none of the backup vendors in the market can deal with the limitations imposed by Office 365 itself in regards of calling Office 365 APIs to make can do such backs, but at the pace those API allow
Want to clarify the Druva client backup comment a bit. Meant that there won't be a need for cloud backup vendors once Restore points are instated.

The client backup still serves purpose to bridge the sync client problem gap. If some files don't sync for whatever reason or your client stops syncing for an unknown amount of time, you still get those files backed up by the client backup software even thou OneDrive isn't syncing those files to the cloud. This gap IMO still needs covered at least until they release client sync monitoring of some kind to be able to monitor client issues not backing up files / not at all.

Thanks for the answers guys.


With our traditional on-premise backups we often get people that say:


I can't find a file. I last saw it 12 months ago and it's very important.


I need to check if a colleague who left sent a message to xxxxxx regarding this subject.


Another problem I can see is someone deletes a whole group/project and doesn't realize it's happened until 9 months down the track.


That's why we want 3rd party backups so we can easily jump in and restore something. Microsoft also do not grantee your data. 



So would I be right in saying:


  1. Can't find a file in Teams/Group ShareSite - OneDrive will have feature to go back to a snapshot 6 months ago?
  2.  Keep a record of conversations - This can be done in Security & Compliance (will this feature need an E3 and above licence. Not available for Office 365 business plans?)
  3. Whole Group Is Deleted - Set retention policy to 365 days and restore from the soft delete?






1. 90 Days on the OneDrive snapshots, however your file history will go back 500 versions however long that takes by default, but that won't exactly cover a deleted file. There is OneDrive retention for all files, however when I used to use it, it caused major problems with renaming folders etc. so we turned it off. The only retention we use that works great is the one that keeps the OneDrive site around for 7 years and it doesn't delete if the user has been deleted from 365 tenant.
2. Not 100% sure on that one, but it mostly depends on your Exchange license level since these message archives are just stored in exchange.
3. Yes
Fo 1. is where some backup vendors might help if the provide backup storage as part of the offering...for instance, this is something that Barracuda Backup for Office 365 does...but again, don't think in Office 365 backup tools as if they were OnPrem backup tools...they are not
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