Background Blur - what are minimum requirements?

David Y
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I see that Background Blur in Teams meetings should be available from yesterday (24 September 2018). However I can't get that option to appear in meetings - I just get an ordinary webcam.

I've used the option in the Teams app to check for Updates but it says I'm on the latest version already.

Are there some minimum requirements for this feature which perhaps I'm not meeting? (And if so, are they published?)

I'm using Win10 1803, on a laptop which is a few years old and not the fastest, but has plenty of RAM. I'm also using the Free version of Teams, if that makes a difference?

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Hi David,


How are you today?



This feature is client-only-enabled that acquires an Office 365 subscription. In fact some features of the tool is not available for those who made the registration free.
I checked the roadmap and for now on there is a preview to launch this feature in the free tool.
In regards of the requirements for this feature, check this post in the Office 365 for IT Pros web site:

@Juan Carlos González Martín wrote:
In regards of the requirements for this feature, check this post in the Office 365 for IT Pros web site:

Thanks. I guess this part is the explanation:

However, the technology to perform face recognition to identify the person and understand where the background to be blurred begins and ends only runs on reasonably recent PC equipped with Advanced Vector Extension 2 (AVX2) graphics.... AVX2 is supported by PCs that have a post-Haswell chipset.

Incidentally I have seen posts elsewhere from people with Blur working who are also on Teams Free, so I don't think that's a limitation.

@Ronald Ephard, it will work in 1:1 calls and ad-hoc meetings as well.

It’s just not deployed to everyone yet. We just have to wait.

Interestingly - the option doesn't appear in my Teams calls - I run a Surface Laptop and a Microsoft LifeCam Studio, and a colleague on the same Teams tenant has it working fine. I also tried the inbuilt camera on the Surface Laptop and it also doesn't work.


I am sure my laptop supports AVX2 and clearly the Teams tenant does - so I'm not sure why it doesn't appear as an option?

Try logging in and out of Teams, in some cases this is needed for it to re-evaluate if background blur can be enabled. 

Had one user where the choice was missing from the menu but where it showed up after using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+P once. Don't ask why... :) 

I'm using the paid version of Teams on a Surface Book.  I've checked for Updates in Teams and Exited and restarted it.  I still don't see the option in the menu and CTRL+SHIFT+P does nothing.

Thanks Steven. I followed your advice and the background blur button appeared.

Hi, I didn't see a "solved" sort of conclusive answer, so here was my experience.


Steven's answer was best (for me). Despite the fact that I had numerous restarts of both Teams and the whole PC, the key thing was to actually sign out of Teams (go to your avatar, click and choose Sign Out), then close down Teams and restart it, then sign in again.  That did the trick for me and two of my colleagues with different PCs.


Your PC still needs to be newer as other posters put it, but signing out was certainly the key - thanks Steven.

Yeah, logging out / in helping for a lot of stuff !! :)

Btw, we updated the documentation with the hardware requirements:


The optional blur my background video effect requires a processor with Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2) support.

@Thomas Binder are there remaining exceptions? I saw a Surface Book the other day that would not show Background Blur however much we logged in and out. It also had the issues with camera quality and I wonder if they are connected?

Surface are notorious for driver and firmware issues with their built in front cameras. Try downloading the driver and firmware packages and installing those to get the right drivers and see if that helps.

Umm, yeah, it was up to date @Chris Webb. Also specifically @Thomas Binder link to the Teams guidance doesn't specify any version and it would seem unlikely that AVX2 would be effected by firmware.

I’ve personally seen running those driver packages with the latest windows build has corrected the issue. Even thou I thought my camera / firmware was up to date according to device manager and windows update. I dunno. Was just something to give a shot at. For whatever reason teams and surface drivers don’t play nice.
All working for me - I think a log in and out, and perhaps some firmware updates all helped.
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