Assignment creation and duplication in Teams

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I teach multiple sections of the same class and want to utilize the assignments portion of Teams. I used Classroom last year and I was able to create an assignment once and assign it to multiple classes at the same time. So far, all I can see to do is manually create the assignment for each class...thus increasing my work load. Anyone know how to duplicate the assignment? Is this in the works for Teams?

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I would also like to know how to do this if it is possible.  It seems silly for me to have to enter the same information for each team/class.

I too would like a response on this.  I have used Google Classroom for the past several years and have made the switch to a district using Microsoft.  So far, it has been a frustrating process as it seems like I have to enter the same information over and over again rather than being able to assign to multiple teams.  If anyone has any input on how I can utilize Teams better, please share :)

Hi! I have found that I worked almost exclusively in OneNote. I have three tabs for the kids - bell work, notes, handouts. I create a daily bell work page (with included agenda and homework ont he page!) and expect the kids to copy from the content library to their personal pages. I tried sending it to them last year, but ran into too many issues where it didn't send, etc. This is easier and just a class expectation for me. I insert the PPT notes for kids to open the file in Notes and I also convert it to PDF and copy and paste the notes directly into the page so they can see all slides. When we take notes in class, I use a Dell tablet that projects wirelessly to my projector and write directly into the notes page for whatever unit we are in. This allows me to zoom in and annotate notes, as I see fit. It also autoupdates the content library each day I write into it. The handouts tab is where I insert papers given in class. I allow the kids to copy to their personal accounts and either print or type & print each page. I still prefer hard copies of assignments to grade, so this works for me. Since I do not want to do doube duty (really, 5 times the duty in my case) with creating assignments in Teams, this is most efficient for me. I really do miss assignments being automatically added to the team calendar, etc. But, the kids SHOULD learn how to track assignments without me doing it for them. It is already in their bell work tab...on them to track at this point.


Just sharing how I use it in case you needed ideas. Take what you need from it! :)

Really cool ideas Nicole. May I ask what grade level?

10th grade. 

Thanks Nicole,

However, our school already has a PORTAL type system in place and I was tasked with reviewind "Teams" to see it it can match or even replace what we have.  We also have a MIcrosoft account, so we want to get rid of the duplication.  The OneNote notebooks are certainly a great tool, but the "teams" app is the UI I like, and then integrate the OneNote.  Our current system allows me to post resources, announcements, work tasks, calendar items just once and it can be linked to all my other classes/sections if I want.  I think this inability of "teams" is one of the things Microsoft must address.  I refuse to enter the same details (even with copy/paste) 5 times!

I completely agree with this. We started using Teams this year and so far, it's been really well received. However, the ability to copy assignments across classes would be top 1 or 2 on our wish list. Be sure to vote for this over at Uservoice: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/599053-schools-and-universities/suggestions/20300452-cop...
Yes please! I second this! As a university tutor I need to create three separate teams with their channels and then the assignments in class. I'm loving using the assignments with links to Forms etc. It's also great for making easy collaborative, team spaces when we're not using OneNote. I'd love to not have to keep re-typing all the links etc!
I'd also love to be able to add students to the assignment after I've set it. At the moment I don't seem to be able to edit the students assigned.
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