Are @someone mentions only supposed to work in Reply fields?

Marcel Domingus
Occasional Contributor

Hi, I have noticed that @someone mentions only work in Reply fields, but not in "Start a new conversation" fields. Is that how it is supposed to work?


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Works fine for me in Start a Conversation.
Noticed some other @someone mention bugs... cc @Michael Holste @Michael Holste

No, you can start a conversation and then @Donna Patterson to get someone's attention. They will get the notifcation that they were mentioned and you will see the color of the @mention change.

@mentions work everywhere in team conversations. They are not supported in private chats.

Hi, @Donna Patterson , at some point they also started to work for me in "Start a conversation" field, possibly some kind of lag in the propagation of member names to this type of field?

It is currently not working for us. @ mentions are working for replays but not new messages in channels, seems to be a bug

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