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Hi all,

Are you able to confirm the below information for the following external apps - Survey Monkey, GitHib etc. and default apps (Website, OneNote, PowerApps etc.)


1. What information app collects about an Organisation?

2. How app uses and share an Organisation information it collected?

3. How app stores and secure an Organisation information collected?

4. How user access and control an Organisation information?


What's your recommendation to consider in regards to security prior enabling any Microsoft default or external apps within Microsoft Teams?


Many thanks!

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My recommendation is to do a proper research on the given app... which in most cases is easier said than done. We actually had a discussion on this back at Ignite, and the fact remains that Microsoft must do a better job in documenting and enforcing guidelines on presenting information all those questions, and more. Sadly, so far the approach has been "lets get as many apps as possible so we can have nice marketing posts around it".


Heck, some of the apps out there don't even have proper author info.

Thanks Vasil for your recommendation.

As Microsoft doesn’t have any good documentation. Any guidance to retrieve information on an individual apps as per my original post plus author info for each app!

Many thanks!
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