Any way to customize the 'You cannot create a team' text and/or URL Redirect?

John Benak

We're getting ready to lock down Group/Team/etc creation in AAD via the group membership, and rather than present users with a hard stop and no other info when they click the 'create a team' button I'd like to be able to either:

1.  Auto-redirect them to a SPO site that is the entryway to our Team creation request workflow, or

2.  At least customize the text in the error msg to provide a URL to the SPO site where they can go on and complete their Team request.


Haven't seen anything like this in AAD, but am hoping there is something.  

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No, unfortunately there is no options to customize this at the moment! It would be great though!

Please make a uservoice! I didn’t seem to find any for this!


To follow up on this, I did some testing in my Test tenant for restricting group creation.  Locked group creation down in AAD, & logged in with one 'allowed' acct and one that was not a member & tried to create a team with each.  Of course the 'allowed' worked.  There was a tile to Create a Team, and one to Join a Team


Logging in with the non-allowed acct I was surprised to see that the in 'Join or create a Team' the tile/option to  'Create a Team' was not even there.  Hmm...


This was new to me, and for the good IMHO.  While it eliminates the 'hard-stop' error, we'll still have to make sure users know where to go to create one..  Education/Communication should take care of that.  


Anyone know when this change happened?

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