Allowed Apps not showing up in Teams

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When we started testing Teams, we only set a few apps as Available/Allowed in Admin Center, Services & Add-ins. Now we are wanting to set a few more apps as Allowed, but have to do this in the Teams Admin Console which we did last week. However these apps are not showing up in Teams. I have verified the users all have the proper App Permission Policy(Global) assigned.
Any ideas why these aren't showing up in Teams?

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Are the app options gone from the office 365 apps and services ? Check again and set them there in that case! They might have started changing it to TAC but isn’t fully completed?

It’s a combination.

Tenant level they should be enabled in M365 Admin Portal under Settings > Services and Add In > Teams > Apps and at the user level they should be defined by the App Permission Policy in the Teams Admin Centre.

Hope that helps!

Best, Chris
Yes, if you’re talking about the app policies this is true! Then it’s still set from the admin portal regarding global allowed / disallowed apps
Yeah, for now


Kind of interesting this one - do you think it'll actually move the tenant app settings into the TAC soon? Or do you think it'll remain for some time under Settings?

Best, Chris
Probably not something that is prioritized for now, but we’ll see

This has been resolved. Just as a FYI, In my M365 Admin Portal under Settings > Services and Add In > Teams > Apps   it is subdued and I can not make changes there any longer. In the Teams admin console under Teams Apps > Permission Policies under Microsoft apps i have 'Allow specific Apps and Block all others' and this is where i had set new apps to allowed. Then just this afternoon a little warning icon showed up on the apps saying i needed to allow thru Org-wide app settings in Teams Admin Console. I went in there and unblocked and they now show up.

M365 Admin Console.JPGM365 Admin ConsoleTeams Admin Console.JPGTeams Admin Console

@adam deltinger 

@Christopher Hoard 

That’s great thanks for confirming glad we managed to point in the right direction!

Best, Chris
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