Adding standard SharePoint Search URL to channel tab

Nigel Horncastle

We use the standard SharePoint Search page throughout the organization, in a browser when you click on a search result it opens the document in Office Online/Win32 app.  However, if I add the exact same Search page URL to a Teams channel tab using the Website option, when I click on the search results instead of opening the document all it does is download it!  Where is the option to view the document only, rather than downloading it?

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I'm not sure it will work! Teams has issues with displaying SharePoint webparts and interact with them properly! Try adding the SharePoint page as a website tab instead and see if that changes anything!


/ Adam

@adam deltinger - as you can see from my post I have added the search page using the channel Website option using the same URL that works OK in a browser.  I have not used the SharePoint option because that doesn't allow you to add a URL, it only allows you to add a page or a list.  The Standard SharePoint Search page is not a web part.

Alright! I still it applies the same on the website tab as well!
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