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Dear All


Microsoft announced last week that now we can add external users to Teams. Thank you it works! The only problem is that prior to this you have to add the guest to Azure. The process is heavy. Has Microsoft planned to optimise this process? thanks 

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No, I have not experienced this. I add the user to a Team, they get the invite, accept it and sign in. Yes Azure is used in the background, but a user/admin does not need to do anything in Azure AD. Where have you experienced this?

IT has to create the external users in our Office 365 tenant, in the "Guest users" section...

they should not have to do that, it sounds like you may not have Guest Users enabled for the Teams app in the O365 Admin Center

Maybe the feature rollout isn’t 100 % complete?

I saw similar behaviour last weekend and the day after it worked as expected.

I was allowed to invite guests with consumer mail like Gmail, but when users accepted the invitation the were sent to Azure AD B2B like a guest with an Azure AD account, not to MSA creation. Then when trying to log on they got a message saying they weren’t licensed.

Removed Azure AD object and tried the next day, guests were sent to and went through MSA creation process and were able to log on.

Here is what is done automatically in Azure AD

Also this is what the new text looks like when adding a member to a team.  In the past it used to say users much be Azure AD etc etc.


We are still - not so - patiently waiting for the switch to be flipped in our organization.  MS did indicate rollout would be completed by EOM March.

Yep, as advised here the process of adding MSA users in Teams as guest users should not have such performance problems commented here.
Guest access for all is as of today 100% rolled out to all tenants. Still have issues?

Dear Magnus,


No thank you for the info, we do not have issue anymore.



Where in Azure do we add external members for Team, or update the app to allow for guest users?

You do it via Microsoft Teams app and just add another person to the Team, that can be internal or external.

I have tried this simple approach...just moments ago.  When I type in a non domain email, the app does not respond.


1.  do i need to do something in azure?


2.  is my instance broken?


3.  does it have to be a domain email?  As I can enter a domain email address with no problem?

Have you enabled it in the Office Admin portal. Head to Settings > Services and Add-ins > Microsoft Teams

Then select Guest within the drop down for Settings by user/license type and make sure it’s turned on.

Yes I have confirmed the enablement in services-add in-teams


the team was created before the changes, so I am going to delete the team, since I have no teammates, and recreate.  See if that helps.


I even did the azure changes from another post...nothing.



You could also see the settings if you have the new portal.
1. There is nothing to do in Azure (only if you want nice display names).
2. Doubt it
3. No need to be a domain email. I’ve added my address to a Team for testing.
then my portal is broken for it just won't work...have to contact support I guess

Still experiencing difficulties.


Guest access works for (Gmail) accounts that are already a guest through B2B.


Inviting guests through the Teams interface is not working, it just states the user could not be found instead of "invite as a guest".


I followed the checklist at but no luck.


We are having the same issue. Not able to add a guest with email. All settings appear to be correct. The add members text doesn't say we can add using email addresses. Teams is useless to us otherwise.1.JPG2.JPG3.JPG

@Jeff Nelson


did you push this setting on ...



I had the same issue at one of my customers. All settings were confirmed to be applied correctly. The functionality had previously been working, no changes were made, but it stopped working last week.

I went to Office 365Admin center >> Settings >> Services & add-ins >> Office 365 Groups
Then set "Let group owners add people outside the organization to groups" to OFF, waited a few minutes, and set it back to ON again. Then the functionality was restored. It works as expected now.


Has this been resolved? Going through a lot of the replies and it still seems it works for some, not for others. For my org, we made sure "guest" was enabled in Teams. Then you see a note saying some of the tools moved. There are only like less than 20 options you can configure for Teams, so what gives? With Guest enabled, and I try to type in an email address that isn't part of our org, and it doesn't even resolve. My co-workers and I show up in the list no problem. When I go to Teams from IE, I don't get any errors about Teams not being enabled, but when I try to use the token method and I give that token code to an external user to try, it says "You're Missing out! Ask your admin to enable ....." but it is enabled cause I'm on it???

It simply does not work.

All external access settings within admin portal (teams and gropus) are enabled - but external user, which is mail user i AD can not start team site, to which it has been added. There is pop up stating - "You're missing out! Ask your admin to enable Microsoft Teams for xxx".

The same applies to groups - I am enabled to enter OneNote Notebook of the group and files, but unable to see conversation nor send any mail to group. The pop up from group states - "We couldn't find a mailbox for this recipient. Either they don't have a mailbox or don't have a license assigned".


Please do help with resolving this issue. I hava O365 Business Premium. Guest mailbox is hosted on servers.


Afghan Salon

@Afghan Salon


I use it everyday without issue. Could you describe your problems in Teams more completely please?


In terms of Office 365 Groups, you are getting what would be expected as far as I can tell, a guest in a group can't access the conversations in the group, they become a member of the DL so would look in their own email to see the conversations. You aren't giving them an email service in your tenant, just adding them as a member of the groups DL.



Actually, I was able to resolve my issue. So it was a Team that my manager setup. I didn't realize he set the Team to private vs. public. And that happens right when you setup the Team. You can't change it after the fact apparently. So I do appreciate you getting back to me. I should have stated the problem was resolved.

The Group owners can change it from Private to Public

That's odd. The Microsoft rep I was working with said you couldn't. And when I tried to see if I could in my own test team, I didn't see an option for it. I will double check.



@Steven Collier


As regarding access for external users issues in both Office365 Groups and Teams - this looks by my tenant as follows:


SCENARIO I - external user (ex. or etc.) hasn't been present in my Azure Active Directory (AAD) before


When I add an external user, that is not present in my AAD (complete absence), as a guest to the group (I do it from within my Group site), then that user appears both:


1) in Exchange Admin Center (EAC) as "guest mail-user"


This category of recipient can not be created independently from within EAC as there is only possibility to create "mail-contact" or "mail-user". Therefore I assume that is another type of recipient that is being pulled into EAC from AAD, but can not be created or modified (ex. change of name) in EAC. Some data may be modified from Office 365 Admin>Users.


2)and in AAD as "guest".



That user gets not an inviation, but rather declaration: "You've joined the AAA group". 


There are two icons "Email with ease"" and "Read group files". As I click "Email with ease" am instantly redirected to new mail creation within my mail client. As I click "Read group files" am redirected to Office365 group site.


I can not enter "conversations tab" as pop up appears - informing that I should refer to my mailbox to get mails from the group. In case I lost my invitation mail - I would have no idea as what is the mail of the group, because it does not appear anywhere on group site.


This user has no problems to start Teams, but is not present in my Global Address List (GAL) within Outlook.


There are some errors as sometimes I am able to assign licenses to those "guest mail users". Certainly these are errors.


SCENARIO II - external user (ex. or etc.) that is already present in my AAD directory as mail-user.


I add new user as "mail-user" in EAC (as I wanted to have these users be already authenticated for sharing ppurposes). At that time this user is being registered in AAD as "Member".


That user gets not an inviation, but rather declaration: "XXX XXX added you to the AAA group". 


There are two icons "Share notes" and "Check out the team site". As I click "Share notes" am redirected to the Notebook of the group - works fine. As I click "Check out the team site" am redirected to Office365 group site.


I can not enter "conversations tab" as pop up appears - stateing I have no mailbox license. In case I lost my invitation mail - I would have no idea as what is the mail of the group, because it does not appear anywhere on group site. What is more - I am unable to send any mails to that group - as I get postmaster reply stating: " The group AAA isn't set up to receive messages from BBB" ).


This user has problems to start Teams - pop up appears stating that the administrator should turn team for my domain on.


This user is present in my Global Address List (GAL) within Outlook.


This "mail-user" may be assigned license for Office365 without any problems.


Please take a look at this post to: "mail contacts" vs "guest mail user" and this UserVoice voting


Afghan Salon

@Steven Collier


I replied to You via private message, as my post has been marked as spam :(((.

Thanks. Our system has an automatic spam filter. Every weekday, our team manually goes through the spam quarantine and moves messages out of it that don't belong. I've unmarked your post as spam.

Microsoft allows you to add external guests, but you don't get granular controls to restrict which channels they have access to.   I’ve come up with a workable solution for the Channels permissions issue. It’s a bit of round-about solution, but it works just fine until MS has something more permanent.  I wrote a how-to guide in an article with screenshots.

Hi Dean,

If I want to have an external join a meeting (not in a channel, etc.) can I just type in their email address ( and they can join the meeting via a browser? We have external users turned on but it doesn't seem to work. The external user got the invite and joined via the browser but it was telling them they were the only one in the meeting. They couldn't see or talk to me.



After going through a dozen screens, double and triple checking, for some reason your post caught my eye and I finally saw the GUEST option under O365 Teams setting.  I probably saw it ten or twenty times before but it finally hit with your post.  Congrats!  You win my adulations!

This button option will not work in my tenant! 

MSTeamExtGuest.pngWill not turn to ON

You're not alone Drew. Im having the exact same problem. I try to add a member and i just get a message saying "We didnt find any matches." This is so ridiculously frustrating.

If this is any help (see screen). I just found this in the Teams Admin page under Org Wide Settings/Guess Access.2018-11-05_8-49-34.png

Yes, I have that setting selected correctly. I have checked all the settings mentioned in this thread and they are all set correctly! Still I just keep getting the dreaded "no match' message every time I try to add a new member that isn't already in my office365 suite.

Same Problem here.  checked all setting.  Very frustrating.


It also frustrates me... 
I participate in this EU project and would just love to use MS Teams to collaborate with 13 managers across Europe.... read all posts here, tried all settings... still can't add external mail.


And in my case, some settings don't even show up... 




 Is there anything else I could do... instead advising slack & dropbox, which I would hate :(

So, believe it or not, i got mine to work finally. I had read many forums and people were all talking about the same permission settings in either Office365 Admin, or Azure. I checked all those settings, but it still wouldnt work. What DID work was doing what is shown in this video:


However, one catch... it didnt work immediately after i updated that setting. I had to wait till the next day. I read about this happening to someone else in a forum as well - how they updated a setting and then it seemed to kick in the next day.


So, everyone try this and let me know if it solved your problem.

Great! It’s a bit of a pain! Microsoft moved this setting to the teams and Skype admin center but it’s still left and as it seems, necessary to use

Good for you :) 

The settings are set... I suppose I'll see tomorrow, if it also starts working for me :)


I did, however,  notice, that i can not toggle Guest licence type in the settings... Crossing my fingers, that this is "normal" behavior and that the system just needs time to commit the applied change... 





Anyway, my recommendation to MS would be, to make this much smoother and faster :)


This is crazy.. I set mine (see thread above) via Admin-Admin Centers-Teams and Skype-Guess Access and was able to turn it on. Out of curiosity I did what the video showed and I was not able to turn it on but it still works for Guess Access. MS needs to get this ironed out..... 

Yep this did it for me.

Yes. Gues user added to an Office 365 group but when a Team is created based on it, external users are not supported and cannot be added separately. Any ideas?

how to add Teams in  outlook365. admincenter>settings>services&add-ins.