Adding external users to teams on MacOS

Flavio Stiffan
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I am new to Teams so bare with me. Created a new Teams project. Working in adding external O365 users to the team. My security preferences for the O365 membership is to accept external members. However, when in Teams I go to "Add members" and I enter the email address of the person (O365 member from outside my organisation), the "Add" button does not come live and thus, can't add anyone outside the organisation. Same happens when I go into "Manage team" and try to "+Add member".


Am I missing something? Thanks for any help on this.

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Usually it will have a little box under that days something about add this person as a guest. You have to click that box to basically “check names” then it will put it into the text box as a bubble with pencil to edit display name and it should then allow you to click add.

If not. I would pop out to chrome or Firefox and go to and see what happens there.

@Christopher Webb, many thanks for the quick answer. Tried on Google Chrome and Firefox but I get the same feedback: the "Add" button just won't "activate". Do I need to first add the team member on the associated Sharepoint site created by Teams automatically?

No as you type then in a box should appear under where you type about adding them as a guest. Do you get no feedback under there as you type?

@Christopher Webb, thanks again... while I type, it is just saying "We didn't find any match" (see screenshot). The contacts I normally type in (not the one on the screenshot) are in my Outlook contact list so accessible by O365.

I should have noticed from the first screenshot that it didn’t say you could put in guest addresses.

Anyway. You need to go to your admin portal and setting > services > Teams. In the license type section make sure guest is there then check the guest license type and check that license type and make sure everything is enabled there.

This was the trick!!! So many thanks. I had the Sharepoint settings but not for Teams! Very many thanks!

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