Adding clould storage (SharePoint)

Karen Terenzoni
Occasional Contributor

I'm running into an issue where if I try and add cloud storage in the Files tab and select another SharePoint folder on a different SharePoint site (to which I have full rights), nothing happens...no folder is showing up...? Anyone else seeing this?

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Did you add it from the desktop client? Try add it from the web version or vice versa!
Also same thing with any other library?

Tried from both!  Same issue...

That's most strange, is it failing for both 'relevant sites' and by 'link'? 

It is.

Strangely, it is intermittent -  I can see a folder added in the same way by another team member, but only sometimes... going to try a few other scenarios and with other teams.   I am an owner on all of them...

Seems like a bug! Are other users in the team affected? Do they see it always/ working?

You may have a localised bug in wherever you are provisioned. Raise it with MS and share the experience with them in a support ticket.

Looks like this is still an issue. It seems to work correctly for some users but not others oddly. Does anyone have a work around as yet?