Adding a Planner Tab to Teams

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Trying to add a Planner tab to Teams. Any ideas as to why I am getting this message?




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What happens if you try doing it be at the web client??


Same result

Can you add some other tab?
Also can you add a planner tab in another team?


Yes, I was able to do it on another tab. Maybe it has something to do with members?

What do you mean ?
where are you able to add another plan tab in another channel or team or were you Able to add just another kind of tab in the same team/channel



Hi @rogerunderhill 

When adding the Planner tab do you get as far as selecting 'Create a new plan' or 'use an existing plan from this team"?

Can you attempt this process as a different user?


I've managed to add an existing plan to a Teams channel my end.

I was able to add a planner tab to another team and I am able to add another tab to the troublesome team. I will compare the the two plans and check for the differences in their settings.

Yes, I am the owner.


Just for interest, where did you create this team ? from Teams itself or from the teams admin portal etc..


Yes, I get to that point and the problem only exists with one team of two that I have created. I am looking at the differences in the plans...

Both Teams were created within the Teams App

Ok! Was asking cause I had som strange things happening when trying to add a planner when I created a team from the teams admin portal shortly after release!


It is interesting that in the Planner Hub and selecting on the plan that I am trying to add, the "three dot" drop down offers "Open in Microsoft Teams". The other plans, that are able to be added to teams, do not offer this selection, only "Remove from Favorites" and "Copy Link to this Plan".

Ok, it looks like the plans were created in different places. It looks like the plan that works was created in an Office365 group and the plan that does not was created in a Team. Does that make sense?

What if you create a new plan from teams? Does that work?

I think that if I create a new plan in the group, that it will work. Unfortunately, there is already a good bit of data in that plan so I don't, necessarily, want to do away with it. We are in the early stages, so maybe it will not be a problem.

Thinking here...I have a Flow creating the tasks in Planner and also adding an event into the users calendar. In that case, I would only be losing the current completion status, which is probably not a big deal at this stage.

Thanks for your input, it made me think a bit deeper and that's usually a good thing!

Can you check if you are a member of the underlying Group (not only the Owner)?

It refers to me as a member/owner

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