Microsoft Ignite 2018 has arrived! Hundreds Office Applications and Services MVPs are traveling from around the globe to Orlando, Florida to gather for Microsoft Ignite.  We are lucky to have nearly 100 of them representing Microsoft Teams by sharing through speaking engagements, answering questions at the Teams Expo booth, representing Teams in the Community Central for a meet-up on Tuesday and doing podcasts covering all aspects of the event as well as interviews with many product group leaders.


All breakout sessions and theater sessions are streamed live which is a welcome addition for those of us who find it difficult to be in multiple places at once and for those unable to attend in person. Microsoft Teams has gone a step further and we are excited to announce that our MVPs have stepped up to cover nearly every Microsoft Teams session - over 50 of them!  (And we thought we were fancy last year with almost 20!) The blogs you'll find here in the Microsoft Teams Events Blog provide a summary of the sessions presented at Ignite. Feel free to start conversation related to the topic in the Microsoft Tech Community discussion boards. Both our MVPs and our product group representatives are eager to engage.


So, if you don't have time to sit down and watch 50+ online sessions, have a quick read of the blog and get caught up in no time.  Now doesn't that make you feel just one step closer to being there?


For more information on the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Program at Microsoft, visit mvp.microsoft.com.


Have a User Group or Community Event coming up and want to share this great Ignite content?  Just let us know by sharing your event information at: aka.ms/teamseventorganizer.  Tell us what you have going on and how we can help.


Happy Reading!


Your Microsoft Teams Community Manager,

Laurie Pottmeyer

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