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At GM Teams is the approved, validated and supported Chat based communications tool” Jeffrey Kalfut, Office 365 Senior Manager, GM


Teams is a chat based Collaboration Tool that allows you to work in Teams Seamlessly.

Most of you probably already know what Teams is all about, this session focusses specifically on the Teams mobile client so let’s zoom in to one of the most important feature when it comes to Teams Mobile client in Enterprises which is Security.


Security is a big concern in most companies and being able to deliver a great secure mobile solution is crucial to protect all company data while on the go.


One of the new features is the Calls TAB that will also become available on the Teams Mobile Client, while still in preview the feature is demoed during the session.  Great to see that the Mobile Clients get the same capabilities of the Desktop Client almost at the same time.


The Teams Mobile Application has the same functionality available as the Teams Desktop clients. We can go into Team chats, Private chats, Share Images & Express with GIFs.


Additionally, you can connect with Calls & Meetings, you can do Audio/Video Calls, have your meetings on your calendar and join those meetings on your Teams Mobile clients, you can even view the shared screen.


The Mobile Client allows you to see all your TABs, The Files TAB is the place where you see all of your files and other TABs, we even have BOTs available on the Teams Mobile client


Search is very important for the Teams client also available on the Teams Mobile Client, Searching people, content and chat.  Filtering your activity on the go, follow channels and mark as Read/Unread


The Teams Mobile clients are available on all Major Mobile platforms like, iPad, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.  All those platforms have full capabilities like the Desktop Clients right out of the gate, no need to wait for the Mobile clients to get the calling capabilities for example.  Note: Calling and Meeting are not yet available on Windows Phone but that is on the roadmap and will come soon.




Employees are doing work on personal devices and those are not secure, the Managed and Secure Access is there to protect corporate data, you can use Modern Multi Factor Authentication with Conditional Access Policies to protect your company assets. Companies can require a PIN before the Teams Mobile Application and prohibit copy past between Corporate Applications and Consumer Applications using Mobile Application Management (MAM) Policies


For more information about the MAM Configuration and Policies can be found here: Learn about enterprise security and compliance with Microsoft Teams


Customer GM on Stage

Teams is for GM the one approved, validated and supported Chat based communications tool that is being used by all users. Teams helps to abstract all the technology behind the scenes, users don’t have to worry how to store files for example, it works just from the Teams application and the files are available everywhere. Teams Chat and Personal Chat in Teams was also a big benefit for users, private chat replaces a lot of the email usage.  Changing members of a Teams is super helpful as all information is readily available to new users in the Team.  A great feature the Teams mobile delivers is that you can review your meeting information & files on the go before you arrive in the meeting room.  From the Security perspective, all users must use a Managed client whether it is a Browser, Desktop Client or Mobile Client, from the perspective of security based on Intune.


Additional notes during questions from the Audience

  • Guest Access will come into the Teams Mobile client very soon. Android version is going to be released coming weeks, iOS will follow a little bit later
  • A fix for the Memory footprint for the Teams Application is being worked on
  • If users want PSTN Calling then a PSTN Calling License and Calling Plan is required, PSTN Calling is coming soon
  • Battery Usage right now is a little higher than we would like, improvements are coming up by the end of the calendar year
  • Tenant Migration is something Microsoft is considering including Slack Migration
  • MSA Account for Guest Access is coming in the following months
  • Securing Channels differently within a Teams is under consideration

You can learn more about Microsoft Teams here https://products.office.com/en-US/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software

Start your journey here: Aka.ms/successwithteams


Watch the Full Session over here: https://myignite.microsoft.com/videos/55477



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