In Theater Session THR2141, Raphael illustrated the challenges that law firms face in times of digitization. Using the example of the German legal system and the communication of law firms with clients, and between law firms and courts, it became clear that digitization is only progressing very slowly. Even the special electronic mailbox (beA), which is mandatory for law firms, offers only a base security of communication and is not suitable for everyday use.


THR2141-Photo.jpgRaphael talking about the Microsoft Teams based solution for lawyers

Microsoft Teams provides the following benefits for secure communication and better job performance:

  • Optimized project management of lawsuits
  • Simplified communication with clients and optional recording
  • Clients always know the status of their case
  • Working in a secured infrastructure
  • No forwarding of documents
  • Standardized encryption of communication and documents

THR2141-Architecture.pngExample architecture for a Microsoft Teams based solution for lawyers

The use of e.g. Unified Labeling and Azure KeyVault ensures that all documents are consistently categorized and encrypted with a unique corporate key. All authorized devices are managed using Intune. BYOD is not an option for this kind of infrastructure.


In combination with role-based access control for active e.g. lawyers, and secretaries it can be ensured that only authorized personnel has access to relevant documents and other data of a case. By storing documents, records and e-mails in Office 365, all data is automatically subject to the GDPR and can be fully audited.


This theater session provided an overview on the use of Microsoft teams as secure and productive tool of a modern law firm.


Watch the session recording here.


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