At this Breakout Session, Compliance is the best word to describe what is a way to be more effective in a daily basis.




Microsoft Teams is secure within your organization.


The momentum was that now have:

  • Security implemented on Teams
  • Compliance
  • Privacy
  • Controls
  • Certifications

Microsoft Teams was made to help organizations that in present work has a Team inside a Team. You  have a way to virtually be with your team to have conversations, share content, edit documents, make and receive calls and be more productive in a central place from anywhere.


In this session we learned about:


  • Why security and compliance is important in Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams security and compliance capabilities to enable you to make decisions for your organization

In Teams, you have integration with and access to Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, Office Apps and many more applications. Microsoft Teams is a Hub for your daily work basis on Office 365 using it in a secure way.



In this session the main objectives to learn are:

  • Learn about the security and compliance feature set in Microsoft Teams
  • Understand the Microsoft Teams information protection architecture
  • Discover how Microsoft 365 can provide security and compliance for Microsoft Teams



We have seen many demos about security, compliance, data loss prevention, GDPR and many others.


If you are reading this article in a few days will be available at Matt’s blog the demos http://aka.ms/MattsBlog


It was an awesome presentation by Mark Longton and Matt Soseman.




In this session we learn about:

  • New features
  • Functionality differences
  • Moving to Teams
  • New devices


http://aka.ms/STP is where you can download the audit reports

https://aka.ms/MicrosoftComplianceStandards for Microsoft Compliance Standards Download




With these tools you will archive more and be more effective in an easily way to work.

With all this integrated with your Office Applications and you can continue your work switching to any of your favorite device in a secure way.




Many thanks to all attendees also, because without you helping to adopt IT the world will better in the future.




You can learn more about Microsoft Teams here https://products.office.com/en-US/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software


Final note: I have learned how to secure more Microsoft Teams!


The recorded session is available here



I will cover more sessions, please be watching the Teams blog at Ignite.


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