Today, we are excited to announce the ability to join meetings from the Microsoft Teams mobile apps on iOS and Android. Now you can join your private and channel meetings right from the app with one-touch, and participate with audio and HD video. You can also make a direct 1:1 audio or video call from the Teams mobile apps.


While in a meeting, you can easily view shared content, start a chat with the meeting participants, and bring in a new participant. It's easy to switch between audio devices, and intuitive meeting controls appear only when you need them with a light tap on your screen, so you can stay focused on the content. 


 Agenda view .pngQuickly look at upcoming meetings and join with one touch Video call - iOS.jpgConnect face to face with immersive video gallery



iOS - View Shared content lanscape - USER ON.pngView shared content while in a meeting


Your hub for teamwork:


We recently made a number of improvements to the Teams experience on mobile apps, including:


  • Support for tabs—Gives you access to your team's tabbed Office documents, websites, videos, notebooks, and more.
  • Ability to view and edit Office files—Now you can directly view files in the Teams app and edit, with one touch, in the respective Office app.
  • Integration of bots—Allows you to interact with your favorite bot right from Teams mobile app.
  • Optimized iPad experience
  • Search improvementsQuickly get to the conversation or file you are looking for.               



               Tabs_on_mobile.pngWith support for tabs, you can now access all of team's important documents

    Polly_on_mobile.pngInteract with bots right in Microsoft Teams mobile apps


Download the app and let us know what you think

The Teams mobile apps are rapidly evolving, with new features in every release. If you haven't tried them yet, download the Microsoft Teams mobile apps today. You can also stay up-to-date with product news and share your feedback and comments below.



Awesome progress Praveen and team! Mobile app is really leaping forward lately!

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I love the ability to have HD video chat on mobile and access to all of my tabs! This makes it much easier to collaborate with my coworkers around the world - especially when I have to have a meeting outside of my business hours.

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Meetings support is a huge deal for several of our groups - Sales, Executives, other road-warrior types.  Most of our company loves Teams, but I didn't push it to these groups too hard yet, due to lack of this feature.  They can join Skype FB meetings via mobile apps, so there was little chance for them to switch to Teams, until now.  Woo Hooo!!!!


Hey Praveen,


I am excired to experience the new feature of MS Teams mobile app but I am facing an issue after updating the app


I am facing a sync issue. I have checked my internet connection, other office applications all are working fine. I am not able to sync the MS Teams app.


Please help

New Contributor

Hi Asjad, In the Teams app, go to Settings > Report an Issue. The help desk team can help you fix this issue.

 Fantastic. How far away are we from being able to record meetings held in Microsoft Teams? 

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Hello @Praveen Maloo. I am not seeing the option to join a call from a group chat on the mobile app for Android. Please confirm is this is intended behavior. On the desktop app I can join or initiate a call from a group chat but I don't see this option from my mobile - there is no icon. 


@Christopher Kevranian that's correct  - group calling is not yet supported on mobile apps. Stay tuned!

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What about those small part of people with Windows Mobile phones? Will we get those features?


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Are there any limitation on File uploads on mobile app? I've encountered an error when I was uploading a 10 mb file.


@Pratik Stephen - are you aware of any file size limitations? 

@Elgee Glen Kiunisala - is this on iOS/Android/WP? what kind of file?

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The functionality described on this threat looks awesome. Pity that Microsoft are prioritizing iOS and Android apps. Seems they are forcing WP users to move so they can complete the closure of that part of the business. :(



@Elgee Glen Kiunisala we've fixed the issue and updated the file upload limit to 100MB. This change will be rolling out with our next update scheduled in the week of Nov 20.

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@Priyank Singhal thanks for that update!

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Teams on iPhone provides a +1 to indicate if there are additional people on the video call. It looks like it prioritizes those that are unmuted or have spoken most recently.


It is not obvious using the iOS mobile app when someone new joined the call. (No indication of when someone logs on besides the +1 in the corner).


Is this something that will be improved in the near future.


@Charles Shaw - We display 4 active attendees on the meeting, and increase the count for additional people joining - so you should be seeing the count increase as more people roll-in. You should also be able to look-up the attendees in the meeting when you click on the people icon on the right top corner