Direct Routing is now Generally Available!

Starting today, Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing is now generally available. Direct Routing allows customers to choose their telecom provider to enable their users to make and receive calls in Teams. If your country is supported by Teams and Phone System you can start planning and deploying Direct Routing in your organization today. Direct Routing and Calling Plans are now your 2 choices for dial tone in Microsoft Teams.

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There are two primary approaches to deploying Direct Routing for you to consider.


CUSTOMER DEPLOYED SCENARIO. If you read our May blog on Direct Routing, you are already familiar with our initial approach to deployment. This scenario has 3 key elements: (1) Office 365 with Phone System enabled, (2) Session Border Controllers (SBC) from our certified partners such as AudioCodes or Ribbon, and (3) trunks from your voice provider. Customers have been previewing this scenario since May. For customers who want to manage the infrastructure on-premises this will be their optimal choice.

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PARTNER HOSTED SCENARIOS.  Back in May 2018, we also began working with providers around the world on a second scenario to ensure that customers who wanted a hosted architecture would have options. This can mean hosted SBCs, additional management capabilities, and other services. We encourage you to reach out to this first set of providers who tested Direct Routing in their environments – BezeQ International, BT, Cellip, Nuwave Communications, Orange Business Services, Swisscom, TATA, Telekom Deutschland, Telenor, Thinktel, and West to learn more about their offerings. As we go forward, we expect more companies to offer solutions and services with Direct Routing to our joint customers.

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We will continue to enhance Direct Routing including plans to deliver improved support for escalating calls, media bypass, and enhanced trunk support to help our partners scale their solutions.


GETTING STARTED. If you are new to Teams, please review our quick start guides.  It helps to be comfortable with Teams before proceeding to Calling. Next - review these articles:  Plan Direct Routing, Configure Direct Routing, and Migrating to Direct Routing. We have also recorded a deeper dive on Direct Routing to further aid in your understanding.


Regardless of your requirements for calling in Teams, Microsoft has you covered with options from Direct Routing and Calling Plans.



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LOVE #MSTeams and so do our clients! The feedback from everyone we have on boarded so far has been UNANIMOUSLY POSITIVE.  Teams is a game changer. We are seeing the paradigm shift away from email & deskphones to the centralized, collaborative, and intuitive Teams client as one place for everything (file storage, threaded & persistent chat, meeting notes, video calls, PSTN calls, etc!). Most excited I have been about an advanced IT Solution in many years. Great job Microsoft 

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Great work Microsoft and I am very proud to work for one of the first service providers that can now offer Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to all our global customers. I truly believe Teams are here to stay and we have only begun to explore the possibilities of this excellent Digital Canvas for a modern way of collaborating


Great news.  If any partners want to have play with Direct Routing the AudioCodes MSFT certified virtual SBC is free to download and comes with 3 runtime sessions (again free of charge).  Also one our our parters did a great blog as to how to set this up (step by step instructions). view blog here


For any UK partners wanting to get hold of the virtual SBC and everything you need to get up and running just ping us on uksales@audiocodes.com




Ewan (AudioCodes UK).


Direct routing looks like an awesome service, for those using the service are you not finding it limiting with the certified Skype for Business USB and phones not working with Teams yet?  

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It looks great and I can't wait to start implementing it, however the media flows for internally connected users needs some improvement first. It is hard to imagine for larger companies that media flows between client will flow all the way up to the public IP of the SBC, while the SBC is a device with multiple NIC in order to connect it both internet facing an internal. 

Any idea when this will be implemented ? Maybe it is up to the SBC providers to foresee this ?


Hi @Koen Van den Broeck we are working on Media Bypass to optimize the media flow.

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Hi @Nikolay Muravlyannikov, should CLI matching to GAL/user contacts work now this is GA? I assume if it doesn't then it can now be handled by Office 365 support?

Hi @Jonny Marlborough if you are talking about ability to resolve a number of the contact/user in Teams, this is not ready in Teams backend. Owners aware of the feedback and working on it.

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This is a really great solution to evolve classical existing infrastructure to a harmonized collaboration infrastructure. The feeling is awesome and this will be a Game Changer if Media Bypass is integrated, IP-Phones fully supported and some more classical voice features are available. Great Job Microsoft!




Dominik (Linde AG) 


This is a great solution. But how do I know the bandwidth requirement, which many customers will ask. Is there any calculator?

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@KK Wong

Take a look at these resources: 


SfB Network Assessment Tool


Teams PSTN (702) 960-0455


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@Bradley Weir

We are Seeing significant progress on the certified SfB SIP Phones working with #MSTeams, also testing multiple phones with native Teams Software. In my personal opinion, both will break loose very soon.

However, many of our clients prefer the Teams softphone (laptop or mobile phone client) with Bluetooth USB HID. While deskphones are going nowhere anytime soon, the adoption rate of a Teams client paired with a bluetooth device is going to continue to rapidly accelerate. Works great and lets the experience be inclusive of all Teams features. IMHO.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 15.26.21.pngMy Teams Dialpad

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Are there any plans to support higher capacity Audiocodes SBCs like the Mediant 4000?

@jshariat Mediant 4000 is supported, please refer to the list of certified SBCs https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/direct-routing-border-controllers 

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Would any one know the process for joining the list of service providers that are supported under the "partner hosted scenario"?

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@Brad Lync We have a wholesale offering using our Hosted Solution. Geo Redundant Tier 4 data centers, SBC 7000's, etc.  Call or email to discuss 

Teams PSTN (702) 960-0455





If we are running hybrid Skype for business, Skype for business online account enable teams direct routing.

No calls tab for Teams online account?

Grant voice policy for this online account.

Any suggestion?


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@John Tseung. Have enabled enterprise voice for the online accounts. I'm not sure if this is relevant to you, but you might want to check out the "Configure the phone number and enable enterprise voice" section of the following document.


I hope that it will be possible to use Queue calls and auto-attendant, from telephone numbers (caller id's) from Direct Routing..., any ETA ?


@Hrvoje Kusulja work in progress, I don't have ETA now but the plan is this year. 

@Nikolay Muravlyannikov ok, can you update this information on following uservoice link then. Thank you