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Does Teams content within conversations appear in the Office Graph?  That is, does it appear within Delve?

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Not at this time. Thanks for the feature request!

Hi there,


I am currently working with a government organization (relatively small municipality, total ~500 employees), and we are trying to determine how to organize our teams.  What are the best practices for this, is it done based on department, based o

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Yes, you will be able to do that and set separate retention policies for Teams Chats and Teams Channels. I would encourage you to watch my ignite session here: 



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HI there... regarding organizing your teams... It's our best practice to organize based on people's work not necessarily their department.  We want to ensure cross organi

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Recognising the inherent link to Office 365 Groups, is there any specific work planned in Teams to surface activity in My Analytics and Workplace Analytics? Seeing trends would be incredibly valuable for customers investing in both services.
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When will we be able to use PS to create and manage Teams.

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This (powershell) will be huge for us to be able to manage Teams and Office 365 Groups together, particularly the creation of dynamic teams via automated provisioning. We... Read More
We are actually quite close to shipping a rich set of PowerShell cmdlets for team/channel provisioning, plus GraphAPI support (which the cmdlets are based on). Should be ... Read More
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When will I be able to add metadata to files uploaded in TEAMS?
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I want to add this as a +1 I am sure you realise this is an important one.
Hi Luise, we don't have anything to share at this time but thanks for the feedback.

Hi. When will we be able to share control in Teams like we do in SfB?

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Give/take control for screen sharing is coming later this quarter (next 2 months).
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Hello Andrew 


Steve with On Second Thought and O365 user. Thank you for sharing the roadmaps online. Regarding messaging do you have plans for allowing users to recall messages in a mobile environment using Microsoft Teams app? Similar to messaging feat

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Please remember to submit any product feedback you might have to our UserVoice site which is where we formally collect (and give updates to) feedback.




@Suphatra Rufo manages that site & does a

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When the presence information in Teams and Skype for Business is unified - will the presence status in Teams have the same privacy options as Skype for Business as described here:

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Follow up quest @Andrew Spiziri , will guests ever be able to see the presence information and will this be a configurable action to decide which guest account will be ab... Read More

Hey Daniel - Yes you will have all of the same privacy options that you have with Skype for Business once this work completes.



A recent update to the mobile apps allows users to join a team meeting, but still not to initiate one. for group chats, it's even worse - mobile users can't initiate or even accept a call to/from the group.


I didn't see any mention of this in the road

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Hi Jason! Let me follow up on this with someone on the team and get back.

Could you please provide us an update if Microsoft is planning to provide MSI (for SCCM deployment) or or O365 Pro Plus installer package for Microsoft Teams. There is Users Voice but it is not mentioned that it has been planned for development. https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/17380159-improve-install-options-install-for-all-users-an

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We are actively working with the ProPlus installer and SCCM to get Teams included in the installer packages and infrastructure. We need to make sure we can maintain a hea... Read More
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When can we expect to see the Record a Teams Meeting functionality?

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Please let us know what are the limitations for marking an existing chat conversation (not at a channel) as Favorite.  One of our users lost several days of data in his Teams client, when he marked it as favorite chat. Then, he removed the Favorite and lo

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It's great you can now join a meeting from an iOS or Android, but the main shortcomings we've seen are


1. No notifications if you don't have the app is open

2. You can't initiate a Meetnow meeting

3. Group Chats in the hat side of the app don't allow video


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For documents upload on a Teams channel conversation -> Browse Teams and Channels, the available folders for selection are only the ones that have channels for them. If the SharePoint document library on the site for that Team has other folders than the c

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Welcome to the Microsoft Teams Ask Microsoft Anything! This live hour gives you the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback directly to the Microsft Teams team!


Please post your question in a new thread. You can view the AMA Guidelines here. 

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I am venkat Kantamneni, Enterprise Systems Specialist from Columbus OH.

Just a reminder - this thread is for introductions only.


Please ask your questions on the main AMA board.


Thank you!

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I am Christophe, logging in from Stockholm in Sweden. I am a IT manager att the French school in Stockholm

Having a Store based app would be a big step forward IMO.
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Hi John - we are actively working on this. Please stay tuned!
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And can the Win10 OneNote App be the OneNote that is embedded into Win10 Teams App rather than the Online version?
especially for Surface Hubs

When will staff part of a call group be able to pick up a call via their iOS device

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We'll be working on this as part of adding call queue support for Teams -- currently planned for first half of calendar year 2018

Ovidiu Stefanescu - O365 and SharePoint Consultant

will Create Meeting function be available for Android phone and tablets (and generally for mobile) and if so, when?

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We need to be able to pick an existing notebook.

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Hey Barry, Sarah, we are currently working on revamping the OneNote app and this functionality will be available in the new OneNote app for Teams. Should be coming soon.
I'd also like to see a method to navigate other tabs in the notebook, besides the tabs created for each Teams channel. Perhaps by selecting the team itself, rather than a... Read More
I have been adding it as a website link, and the functionality does work! Just takes a few extra seconds. I am not Microsoft though, and that is just my experience.

Hi! Can we expect that all S4B Online federations a customer has to be migrated into teams?

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Hey Andres - Yes once federation ships for Teams you will have all of your existing federation configurations honored so no need to reconfigure.
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We are very excited to announce a Microsoft Teams 'Ask Microsoft Anything' (AMA) for Microsoft Teams!


The AMA will take place on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT in the Microsoft Teams AMA Group. Add the event to your calendar

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Hi, I'm Eric from the Netherlands. I'd love to AMA! Is this the forum?


Where is the link to join ?


I'm confused. Where do you post the questions and see responses? Will it be threaded here at this post or is each question its own thread? Right now this Space is filled

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Hi Teams Team,


Do you have any information on when we'll start to see any of the work around Programmable Voice and Video arriving (introduced at Ignite)? I notice it was missing from the most recent roadmap...





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We currently use Cisco Jabber for adding presence information to Outlook. After the "Unified Presence" Feature is live - will Teams overwrite the Cisco Jabber presence status in outlook?

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We are very excited to kick of this hour of live Q&A with the Microsoft Teams product team! 


Please submit your questions as a new thread in the Microsoft Teams AMA Group so we can easily identify and answer them. You can identify official Microsoft res

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What up with this?? It's nothing but people introducing themselves

Apologies for joining late. I have a good reason... and a note from my parents.

Brian Knutson Minnesota

Stefan from Switzerland

Hi! I'm Terry from the University of Miami

I am kind of confused how the plans that you create in a team are related to in Planner.

A Group is an owner of a Plan. But when creating multiple plans in a team, they seem to also get a relationship with the group. When you look at the API and the explan

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Currently in Planner UI you are only able to see the default plan created for a group. In Teams UI you are not able to see the default plan created for a group, however,

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I can see value in surfacing Team activity within Delve. Essentially Office 365 Groups provides an interface for this capability. Showing which Teams I'm a member of would be super useful. Thoughts? Great job so far with the product.
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I concur with John's suggestion.  I'm new to O365 and it is such a massive (yuge?) environment, as I went through the various tools, I immediately thought of Delve as my

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Thanks for the feedback John. We have Delve signals integrated in Teams to suggest files people are working on in common or people one may know or working with. But it is... Read More
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My last question, I promise!

I'd really like to be able to rename the general channel. The challenge we have is that general is quite non-descript.

e.g. we might want to have an 'important' channel for discussing key issues around our project, but also a 's

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Same question here.

I'll add my vote to request this feature.  The more we use Teams, the clearer the need to be able to rename or hide the default General channel becomes.  

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It is quite annoying in the Swedish version of MS Teams, in a new team there will be a channel named "Allmänt" (Swedish for "General"). If I create a OneNote page from th... Read More

When we allow you to change the name, we recommend that you call your channel Colonel. :smileyhappy:

We are working on the ability to allow you to rename general as we know it doesn't fit all Teams.

Best Response confirmed by Henry Cole (Occasional Contributor)

I get notifications from generate chat in the channels but emails (from an automated system) don't seem to be able to generate notifications for people, even if they follow the channel. Is this something that's being looked it?

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This appears to be working now. I started getting notifications last night on emails going to a channels that I follow.
Is it possible to mention someone via email sent to Teams?
It sounds like a bug Kurt! Sorry about it. Let us take a look

I'm having trouble getting this connector to work at all.  My account is an admin on team services, but the connector keeps returning "We couldn't find an account that had the required permissions for the project".


Also, hitting the "sign in" button just

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I'm having a slightly different issue.  When I log into the VSTS connected in Team Services I get an error "Failed to find an account".  I am using the same email address

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Will we be able to add the board for an Iteration to Teams in the future? I only seem to be able to add boards for all Epics, Features or Stories.

I'm having the same problem. The connector automatically takes MS Teams credentials (Office 365) instead of VSTS credentials (Live ID).


Maybe the problem is related to di

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Currently the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) connector requires *project admin* privileges. We are working with the VSTS team to change it to allow it to be used by u... Read More

Is it planned to allow us to re-arrange or edit all tabs in a channel?

I would like to create some specific channels that don't start with the conversation and file tabs.

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We have a similar requirement: we would like to rearrange the Conversations and Files tabs so that the Wiki App Tab is the fist (default) one when sombody enter a "channe

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Hey Scott!! Today we support reordering, renaming, and deleting all tabs besides the Conversations and Files tab. Can you share with me the kind of channels you're creati... Read More

How do you assign members of a team to a specific channel (sub-teams)? 


Is there a way to invite only members of each specific channel (using the channel's email address) to a Scheduled Meeting, without inviting the entire team?

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Using channel as sub-team is exactly thing I need. If I could assign person to some channel (means making the channel favorite for him/her and un-favorite for others) it

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Some thoughts


Is there a reason the channel structure doesn't just create a subsite of the groups site, that way you could then have unique elements for that subsite/chan

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This is one of my issues as well. In Teams (and Groups) you have Owners and Members and that's it. No unique permissions like in SharePoint. And please correct me if I'm ... Read More
Instead of a private channel - a channel with a subset of the overall team membership (which is not supported), you may want to create a separate team.
Just create a meeting using the little video button in your text field when you are INSIDE the channel and it will auto-post the meeting to the channel.

Is there a way to integrate Outlook Tasks/assignments with Teams?

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Not currently Amanda. Could you tell me more about what kind of integration you're looking for?
I believe the goal is to use Planner, rather than Outlook tasks. Perhaps the Planner team should build some integration with Outlook tasks.

In a number of the annoucements and demos we saw "WhoBot" when will this be avaliable within Teams?

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@Bill Bliss, is there any update to the "WhoBot" release timing?

Me too, Is there any news on status?

WhoBot is my feature - we are working to make it available as soon as possible. I don't have a specific date to share unfortunately but we're hard at work finishing it.
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We have SharePoint Online but not Exchange Online can we use Teams ? 

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For the full Microsoft Teams experience, every user should be enabled for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. Users' Exchange mailboxes can be hosted online or on-prem... Read More
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As Groups and Teams are connected, can you fix the (or modify) the group files view to show folders?

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Hey Christopher, thanks for reaching out. Looks like we can make improvements to the group files view to default users to the "Document" sharepoint page which has the sam

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Hi Christopher - We currently have a "Open In Sharepoint" option that allows you to view all your existing folders. We are looking into ways to better integrate with exis... Read More
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Will we be able to embed persistent chat streams inside of a Teamsite and/or an intranet page?

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Chat by its nature is already persistent within teams.

What reporting will be available for Microsoft Teams in the short-term and in the future? Can we look forward to Microsoft Team integration with the upcoming Power BI adoption content pack? Are there any timescales that can be shared?


On a side note manag

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+1 For this functionality. Any indication of roadmap would be greatly appreciated from us.

+1 we need stats on usage reports - by overall Site and Channels, ideally with some visualization. Engagement is the main measure of success and chat control is also key.

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As we roll out MS Teams to our user community, I have a need to query the posts (in some cases) to create Power BI visuals for trending topics (e.g. word clouds).  Need a

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I second the reporting request. It would be great to be able to show real usage numbers to higher management to show the utilization of Teams. This like Teams and Chat me

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We're working on a team and tenant dashboard - nothing specific to disclose now. You can get some reporting via the compliance capabilities in the time being.

How long does chat text persist?

Is there a way to set this?

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Right now we don't have a way to automatically delete chats but we're working on retention policy updates that will let you set that up.
Is there a way to auto delete the chat text after a period of time?
Hi Christopher! The chats never expire in Teams - you can always get back to your previous conversation. In the recent list of chats we will however hide chats that are o... Read More

Good Afternoon, recently Yammer integrated into Office 365 Groups (long awaited), but even though Yammer is now connected to Office 365 Groups, it feels very disconnected from Microsoft Teams and all the great collaboration features that come with Microso

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This is hugely disappointing. The center of gravity should be Office 365 groups from which you connect to other services. It's a no brainer.
Kady, is there a selection process when creating a group so that the group owner can define which conversation mechanism is preferred (and not to provision the others)? (... Read More
Yammer is focused on enterprise social scenarios - like a CEO Connection forum for everybody in the company. It's also how we rolled out Teams across Microsoft - we creat... Read More

Hi Eric - We recommend the group pick the app in which they want to collaborate and use that as their center of gravity and workspace.