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Is there a way or will there be a way to allow us to link a Team to an existing OneDrive location? The same question can be asked for OneNote notebooks.

We use ODFB and ON a lot for the gathering of our customer and business information. Teams is looking p

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Why would you want to link a Team of users to a personal ODFB doc library ?


Teams can optionally link to existing private Office 365 group during creation or create a new

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Do you plan to enable the option for notifications upon a new message in a team (not just a mention or reply)? If so, do you have an ETA for this? This is super critical for us as currently people miss messages. And finally a word of appreciation, we are

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Yes, this is at the top of our list of next notifications features! We will allow you to turn on notifications for a channel which will alert you anytime anyone says some... Read More
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My developers miss the ability to format their pasted code like they used to in HipChat. Any plans on adding this soon?

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Checking back on this feature request, any timeline?  Once this hits, we can say goodbye to HipChat forever.

Yes, this is one of our most highly requested features and we will be adding support for code formatting very soon. Stay tuned! :)
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Why would something like this happen? Any suggestions on preventing or reverse this?


From a user yesterday:

I had several Chat conversations today with people.  About an hour ago I had to resign into Teams (it signed me out).  Now all of my Chats from toda

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Hmm - this is not a known issue. I'll send you a private message to get details and follow up. Appologies for the issue!

Is there a mechanism for archiving team spaces when they are no longer needed? This would be important as part of a document retention or  enterprise discovery conversation

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Hi Jason, thanks for your question. We agree that archiving is important. We are working on this feature and will add this to Microsoft Teams in the future

What are the key advantages (difference) I can expect to see as compared to Slack?

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Teams feels less collaborative than Slack, primarily because teams within a company have no option to be created by default as searchable or publicly joinable. Therefore ... Read More
One constraint of Teams when compared to Slack is that Teams does not currently allow participation from users from outside of your organization.
Bordon:  Naomi MoneyPenny(MVP) Actually wrote a blog how MS Teams can be used, and mentioned Slack as a collaborative tool, similar to MS Teams. https://naomimoneypenny.com/2016/11/02/choices-in-collaboration-microsoft-teams-yammer-office-365-groups-service/ Read More
I would imagine a major advantages will be that it is included with many O365 licenses as well as deep integration with other features and management in Office 365.
As noted "meet now" edge to edge Brady bunch video calls. Another item is threaded chats
Do we know when we can test public team groups? We've updated the privacy in Mail, but it's not changing the group in Teams. Could this be a problem with our configuration or is it that public groups will only be released later?
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My understanding is that for this release a Team can only be associated with a Private Office 365 Group


Lee Schubert wrote:
Do we know when we can test public team groups?
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Sorry for that last reply. I missed the ordre of the comments was newest first and was commenting again on the initial comment from Paul.
No I'm talking about within our organization only. If a member is not added as a member of a Team they cannot discover it.

We currently do not support public teams so changing the privacy in mail is not supported in teams. We are working on support for public teams right now.

We really need a) public Teams for whole company or members of an AD group are automatically added. We also need Team to be discoverable and request membership. If you re... Read More

Any plans on having a Team Calendar? The personal calendar is nice but working as a team it would be nice to have a shared calendar so that we can place Time Off dates and project dates as well.


Also see the New Relic connector, is there an Application In

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+1 for Calendar Tab in Teams.

This is already there:


Every Teams created is part of the Office 365 Groups construct.

This means that along with Teams that provides the Chat functionality, you get a Sha

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Jared - would your team use the calendar within Office 365 Groups?
Hi Jared, thanks for your idea. Can you please add this as, "Share an idea" through the Feedback icon. We'll add this to the things we are considering.

I am kind of confused how the plans that you create in a team are related to in Planner.

A Group is an owner of a Plan. But when creating multiple plans in a team, they seem to also get a relationship with the group. When you look at the API and the explan

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Currently in Planner UI you are only able to see the default plan created for a group. In Teams UI you are not able to see the default plan created for a group, however,

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Will we eventually have more capabilities with the Planner integration? Currently it seems that we can create multiple plans within Teams, but they don't appear in Planner, and the main plan that is already created in Planner does not appear in teams.



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The integration of misosoft teams with microsoft planner is very poor. There is an urgent need the 

ability to see the main group plan in Teams. This lack of integration c

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We are talking to the Planner team to address both of those cases. We've heard a lot of feedback on this, as one might expect -- we just didn't get to these scenarios for... Read More
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Any updates when teams for education tenants will be available for us to use?  This would be so helpful for me and my staff as we use Planner, Sites, OneNote, etc to bring it all together.  Thank you.

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Hi Nicholas - We do have additional timing yet. I do know that we will approach this in stages - first for staff, etc. And then farther down the line student access.
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In a number of the annoucements and demos we saw "WhoBot" when will this be avaliable within Teams?

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WhoBot is my feature - we are working to make it available as soon as possible. I don't have a specific date to share unfortunately but we're hard at work finishing it.
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In the event we need to obtain chat history etc of a user who has left the business - other than signing into their account is there a way we can easily obtain this?

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We are currently working to support archival, legal hold and ediscovery. The ability to obtain chat history of a user who has left the business will rely on these complia... Read More

Will be there any quick way to edit the last message I send? Something like hitting the up arrow?

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To add to Pauls response - We also do plan to support using the up arrow to get back into edit mode so you won't always have to go to the "...". Also, just for the clarit... Read More
Hey Rui - we do have it! :-) check out the more menu (...)

I'm having trouble getting this connector to work at all.  My account is an admin on team services, but the connector keeps returning "We couldn't find an account that had the required permissions for the project".


Also, hitting the "sign in" button just

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Will we be able to add the board for an Iteration to Teams in the future? I only seem to be able to add boards for all Epics, Features or Stories.

I'm having the same problem. The connector automatically takes MS Teams credentials (Office 365) instead of VSTS credentials (Live ID).


Maybe the problem is related to di

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Currently the Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) connector requires *project admin* privileges. We are working with the VSTS team to change it to allow it to be used by u... Read More

Will MS be adding any support to allow to login to multiple Teams from different O365 tenants?

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Please add your input here as we are wanting more info and scenarios user voice mulitple logins: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public-preview/suggestions/16986694-multiple-team-support-in-one-client Read More
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When will we see Teams in the O365 app launcher

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The icon for Microsoft Teams will show up in the app launcher, waffle, etc. in the coming weeks.
Hi Andrea, at this time, end users do not see the Microsoft Teams app tile in the app launcher after an admin turns on Microsoft Teams for an organization. We expect to a... Read More
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Can we expect improved Yammer integrations, for instance 1.Yammer as a Connector in Teams and 2. Yammer added to the list of default apps from the Tile menu?

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1. It seems like Yammer can take som time to show up as a connector in your Teams setup. I now have it and are able to connect Yammer to a channel, then receiving posts f

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Maybe you also have something to add to this thread, @Pavan Tapadia.

Bill I've just checked this, I don't have a connector for Yammer.
Hi Morten, great questions! Yammer as a connector in teams is already available; you can add it to a channel by right clicking the channel, clicking connectors, and searc... Read More
Thanks Morten! 1. There is already a Yammer Connector. In the Connector window, search for Yammer and you should find it. 2. I like the idea of a Yammer tab - please go t... Read More

Hi there Teams team!


I created a post about this yesterday but haven't seen any replies... Just wondering if this is a known bug or if I am the only one experiencing this?


Whats happening:

Replies to my sent messages are displayed above my sent message ins

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@Ian Waites are the replies that are being resported part of a thread? If so then it seems that the thread with the most recent replies gets sorted to the bottom of the c

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Unfortunately yes this is a known bug. The good news is that we deployed a fix for this yesterday evening so going forward you should not see this. The issue was around u

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Hi Ian, thanks for logging this bug. Can you please file this in Report a Problem through the Feedback icon in Microsoft Teams-- we review each of these and triage. Thank... Read More

Will we be able to embed persistent chat streams inside of a Teamsite and/or an intranet page?

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Chat by its nature is already persistent within teams.

We are hugely drawn to Teams mainly due to the chat persistence but also because of the emoticons etc, and the reliability of the apps across the board. It's a fantastic chat experience and within our trial group we aren't really using Skype for Business

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3 importants features from S4B are still missing from Teams

1. Communicate with external people

2. Complete Office 365/Dynamics 365 integration (start a chat from a people

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You need to better integrate the tools. I echo that overlapping features in disparate systems is confusing.
Yes, teams are diverse, but some members of teams are not techies and are over whelmed by the choices. It is very difficult for them to figure out where to go to do work.... Read More
Hi Henry, that's great that you like Microsoft Teams! Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 collaboration portfolio of which Skype for Business is also part. Microsof... Read More
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My last question, I promise!

I'd really like to be able to rename the general channel. The challenge we have is that general is quite non-descript.

e.g. we might want to have an 'important' channel for discussing key issues around our project, but also a 's

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When we allow you to change the name, we recommend that you call your channel Colonel. :smileyhappy:

We are working on the ability to allow you to rename general as we know it doesn't fit all Teams.

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The biggest thing I am seeing that would complete this app for me (besides some of the other great ideas people have suggested) is bringing everything over from Skype. Ex

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For my company, personally, is to be able to have the existing data, (OneNote, Conversations, Files, etc.) from "Groups" pulled into the "Teams". If this was done, it wou... Read More

Ability to add meeting rooms as participants when booking a meeting in the calendar view! 

That it would be included in the Education license. 

Teams is great, but there's some UI improvements that can be made. clicking between teams locks the UI thread for an unacceptable amount of time

Are the features available in Skype for Business (such as a whiteboard/poll) available in Teams? The "meeting" interface is different from SfB...

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It would be great, if it would be possible to pass control within desktop sharing, the same way as we can in SfB.
No, whiteboard and polls are not supported in Teams.
Since this is an Office365 service we are using native apps like Onenote integrated into the experience that is a richer Whiteboarding experience and as we get more bots ... Read More
Thanks for the feedback - currently not available. There is a lot of greenspace so we need your feedback to help us prioritize. Please visit http://aka.ms/teamspublicfeedback... Read More

When you ”team-enable” an existing Office 365 Group, created through Outlook, the Group Conversation is retained, independently of the Chat stream. What about another scenario then, as Yammer in the next weeks will be rolling out the new integration with

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Right now, Yammer groups cannot be activated into Microsoft Teams. Only groups from the Outlook or SharePoint Groups experience can be activated.

Can users from Teams conference and chat with users running S4B?  Is this on the roadmap?  It seems like it is two competing chat/video/audio/presence products?

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For a complete article about how Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business integrate see http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/2016/11/microsoft-teams-user-tip-1-how-does.html Read More

Hello.  I'm a project manager at a company that is just rolling out O365 applications.  We have turned on Microsoft Teams and are doing some testing.  One of the first things I noticed was that the Admin that set up my team was the owner, and I want to ad

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Yes they can, you can set multiple owners. If you click the 3 dots on the right of your team, then select view team. It will show all the members of the teams, you can sw... Read More
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Thank you for joining us during this action-packed hour! Here is a blog post summarizing what was discussed.


We hope to see you next time!


Note: Today we are also hosting SharePoint AMA. Join us at 12pm PT here.

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Thanks and keep up the great work Team!
Thanks guys. This level of engagement of MS is fantastic to see.

This was a lot of fun!  Thanks for all the great participation from the community and from the Microsoft Teams Engineering and PM team!

Here at Pierce County, we are looking at reducing email, but also communicating across a variety of devices with team members both inside and outside the organization. The goal would be to receive information from an email or other form and have that star

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Connectors require an Exchange mailbox in O365, for those of us with on-prem Exchange that's a limitation and a real handicap for the Teams product
what sort of things can the "Connectors" bring in?... we have not enabled Teams yet, so I cannot get a real preview at the moment
Thank you, that is what I was concluding as well.

Hi James,


You could look at using "Connectors" to bring things from somewhere else into your Teams conversations.


Hi James, Microsoft Teams currently does not support External Users (folks not in your org/public), but its definitely high on the list.

I think I have picked up from roadmap discussions, that the chat feature in Yammer, Yammer Now, will be replaced by the persistent chat from Skype for Business. To me, it seems to be much more logic to replace Yammer Now with Microsoft Team Chat. Can we e

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I perfectly get this @Benjamin Niaulin. There are different conversation modalities, different contexts and different cultures in teams and companies. But I still want it

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It's not a replacement as for different teams and different purposes within your organization you will want/need different ways to communicate.

Similar to a more consumer

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Hi Morten and Henry, we agree with your thinking that Yammer and Microsoft Teams are separate products. As Henry says, we recommend Yammer for social enterprise networks ... Read More
Agree. Yammer as a separate product makes sense - it's social, not chat/collab. But the chat functionality makes sense to be deprecated and replaced with teams integratio... Read More