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How long does chat text persist?

Is there a way to set this?

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Right now we don't have a way to automatically delete chats but we're working on retention policy updates that will let you set that up.
Is there a way to auto delete the chat text after a period of time?
Hi Christopher! The chats never expire in Teams - you can always get back to your previous conversation. In the recent list of chats we will however hide chats that are o... Read More

What reporting will be available for Microsoft Teams in the short-term and in the future? Can we look forward to Microsoft Team integration with the upcoming Power BI adoption content pack? Are there any timescales that can be shared?


On a side note manag

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+1 we need stats on usage reports - by overall Site and Channels, ideally with some visualization. Engagement is the main measure of success and chat control is also key.

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As we roll out MS Teams to our user community, I have a need to query the posts (in some cases) to create Power BI visuals for trending topics (e.g. word clouds).  Need a

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I second the reporting request. It would be great to be able to show real usage numbers to higher management to show the utilization of Teams. This like Teams and Chat me

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We're working on a team and tenant dashboard - nothing specific to disclose now. You can get some reporting via the compliance capabilities in the time being.
Hi Cian! Could you clarify what you mean by reporting for Microsoft Teams? You want to see Microsoft Teams usage by your team in the product, correct?

Good Afternoon, recently Yammer integrated into Office 365 Groups (long awaited), but even though Yammer is now connected to Office 365 Groups, it feels very disconnected from Microsoft Teams and all the great collaboration features that come with Microso

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This is hugely disappointing. The center of gravity should be Office 365 groups from which you connect to other services. It's a no brainer.
Kady, is there a selection process when creating a group so that the group owner can define which conversation mechanism is preferred (and not to provision the others)? (... Read More
Yammer is focused on enterprise social scenarios - like a CEO Connection forum for everybody in the company. It's also how we rolled out Teams across Microsoft - we creat... Read More

Hi Eric - We recommend the group pick the app in which they want to collaborate and use that as their center of gravity and workspace.  

Is there an ETA for the ability to add pre-existing OneNote items as separate tabs within a channel?

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We would like to request this feature as well. 


Does anyone know if you could create a new Onenote NoteBook in Teams and then just copy all of the existing content from t

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While I know that everyone is waiting for an update as to when this feature would be available, I would like to define the use case a little more:


1. I have an existing O

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We're working on this! Its a highly requested feature. Sorry for any trouble its causing. As a workaround, you can post the OneNote as a website or just a link on your Wi... Read More

When will there be tools to manage Teams:

  • PowerShell
  • Team Naming Policy
  • Retention and Legal holds

As far as I can see, I don't even have a way to see how many Teams have been created on my tenant.


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I suggest also checking out this PowerShell module



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Using the SharePoint Online Management console as a Tenant Admin you can filter SPOSites by template type 'GROUP#0'

The 'meat' part looks like this (obviously you can pick

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I'd like to be able to add teams functionality to all of my exisiting Office 365 Groups.  Can I do this with Powershell, or some other way?

I have located a way to identify the team sites . I have also located a way to hide them but it looks like with this PowerShell i have to do them one at a time. I am now

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I have found a way to get a list of the Microslft teams . I am looking for a powershell script that will hide a list of teams sites all at one time . So for now i will ge

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Is there a mechanism for archiving team spaces when they are no longer needed? This would be important as part of a document retention or  enterprise discovery conversation

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Can I be notified when this feature is available as well? 


Yes, we need it too for governance, and the huge number of Teams my organization will generate.  Please update!

We really need a feature like this too, so we can hide our yearly conference groups but have them accessible for reference.
It's well past time to get this activated. Our company can't wait much longer before we begin initiating trials on other collaboration products from other vendors.

Add me to the list of users wanting archiving on teams and channels. I found this thread because I was Googling how to archive - it turns out you can't do it yet. I would

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What are the plans for Teams data and conversations (to include chat activity) to be available for retention based on legal holds placed against any of the individual users in a given team?


The default retention of between 7-30 days will not be sufficient

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Hi Dan, thanks for the question. We're working on building out our archiving and compliance story, including leveraging Exchange. If possible, can you share some more det... Read More

My developers miss the ability to format their pasted code like they used to in HipChat. Any plans on adding this soon?

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If you paste in the text of the code into the message box and then click on the Expand compose box for formatting button on the bottom left (it looks like an A with a pai

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This feature is now available.

Use markdown syntax such as  `code` or 





(ie backticks)

Checking back on this feature request, any timeline?  Once this hits, we can say goodbye to HipChat forever.

Yes, this is one of our most highly requested features and we will be adding support for code formatting very soon. Stay tuned! :)
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When can we expect a full integrations with Planner? Right now the integration is very limited and very quirky.

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Hey Kevin, thanks for reaching out! We're working on making improvements to our Planner experience, can you share with me what issues you've been having? We actively list... Read More

Is it planned to allow us to re-arrange or edit all tabs in a channel?

I would like to create some specific channels that don't start with the conversation and file tabs.

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We have a similar requirement: we would like to rearrange the Conversations and Files tabs so that the Wiki App Tab is the fist (default) one when sombody enter a "channe

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Hey Scott!! Today we support reordering, renaming, and deleting all tabs besides the Conversations and Files tab. Can you share with me the kind of channels you're creati... Read More

Do you plan to enable the option for notifications upon a new message in a team (not just a mention or reply)? If so, do you have an ETA for this? This is super critical for us as currently people miss messages. And finally a word of appreciation, we are

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This is needed ASAP.... how effective is a communication tool if it doesn't notify you.


So as of now, I have to specifically mention someone everytime I want to let them

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Right now if you follow the specific channel you seems to get banner notification like in Slack. Problem is you would have to instruct the user to do so. In terms I agree

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Having no idea when/if this gets implemented, I personally feel this is a user training issue.


Making use of @team mentions or @channel mentions will get the attention

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This is an acute pain point for our team. Can you please tell us when this issue will be resolved?




Yes, this is at the top of our list of next notifications features! We will allow you to turn on notifications for a channel which will alert you anytime anyone says some... Read More
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Can we Hide Teams in Teams and also can we Hide them in the GAL?

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Thanks Dan for the info!

We're looking into that. You can unfavorite a team so it shows under "More" in your UI. But it is still visible to its members, until/unless it is deleted.


Currently yo

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Is there a way or will there be a way to allow us to link a Team to an existing OneDrive location? The same question can be asked for OneNote notebooks.

We use ODFB and ON a lot for the gathering of our customer and business information. Teams is looking p

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Why would you want to link a Team of users to a personal ODFB doc library ?


Teams can optionally link to existing private Office 365 group during creation or create a new

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In a number of the annoucements and demos we saw "WhoBot" when will this be avaliable within Teams?

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@Bill Bliss, is there any update to the "WhoBot" release timing?

Me too, Is there any news on status?

WhoBot is my feature - we are working to make it available as soon as possible. I don't have a specific date to share unfortunately but we're hard at work finishing it.
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I almost forgot one of our biggest requests--the ability to set custom email addresses for each channel, preferably within our own domain.


Is this feature planned, and if so is there any timeframe avaiable at the moment?

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I can see this being a valuable option.  Is it possible to at least specify the domain that the email address is created in?


BTW, I think this uservoice item may be what

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I'd look at adding an entry in the Global Address List for a channel email. Try the naming convention [Team].[Channel].
Then it doesn't matter what the address looks like.

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Someone else noted that because of the non-org domain of the address, emails into your Team wouldnt be processed by Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection, if you had... Read More
Unfortunately this is currently not supported Scott. Could you help me understand why you want to have a custom email address there?
Great suggestion. We'd love to get more details on your scenario and requirements - you can submit an idea via UserVoice. Or, vote on an existing one (and add comments): https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public-preview/suggestions/16984726-make-ordinary-phone-calls-from-work-number-using-a Read More
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Hi there Teams team!


I created a post about this yesterday but haven't seen any replies... Just wondering if this is a known bug or if I am the only one experiencing this?


Whats happening:

Replies to my sent messages are displayed above my sent message ins

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Still having this problem
In Teams Channels, not in IM
I have insufficient organisational rights to log on and start a conversation of my own

@Ian Waites are the replies that are being resported part of a thread? If so then it seems that the thread with the most recent replies gets sorted to the bottom of the c

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Unfortunately yes this is a known bug. The good news is that we deployed a fix for this yesterday evening so going forward you should not see this. The issue was around u

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Hi Ian, thanks for logging this bug. Can you please file this in Report a Problem through the Feedback icon in Microsoft Teams-- we review each of these and triage. Thank... Read More

Will be there any quick way to edit the last message I send? Something like hitting the up arrow?

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How is such a simple shortcut still not available is unbelieaveble. I understand if we were looking for a non-existing feature, but you have the feature already.

To add to Pauls response - We also do plan to support using the up arrow to get back into edit mode so you won't always have to go to the "...". Also, just for the clarit... Read More
Hey Rui - we do have it! :-) check out the more menu (...)

[Updated] My company has an extensive set of document classifications and content types. 

Is there any way to create a custom SharePoint site template for the new Team/Group to use to create the associated SharePoint team site so we can incorporate the req

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Currently, you can pin your existing Sharepoint site to a channel, or use Open in Sharepoint to view all your Teams' folders. We are always looking for ways to improve ou... Read More

It's been a while since we've seen the WhoBot. I'd be interested in understanding what the delay was. Is the concern on the data in peoples profiles in normal customer tenants not making this feature very useful?

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I'm guessing WhoBot might be curious about LinkedIn too...
WhoBot is coming soon, so stay tuned. WhoBot will help customers to identify subject matter experts in their organization.

When will it be possible to perform a full text search in a Wiki or OneNote page on a Teams channel?

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This isn't ideal as an answer to your question, but I find that working with the OneNote pages in OneNote directly is a much better experience for me today. The channels

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Hey Scott! This is a set of features we're definitely thinking about, feel free to post this feedback on UserVoice so that we can get feedback from other members of the c... Read More

Will we eventually have more capabilities with the Planner integration? Currently it seems that we can create multiple plans within Teams, but they don't appear in Planner, and the main plan that is already created in Planner does not appear in teams.



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In this area I have a question too. I am currently trying to figure out if Planner can be used for personal tasks creating a Plan just for myself and not linked to any Te

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The integration of misosoft teams with microsoft planner is very poor. There is an urgent need the 

ability to see the main group plan in Teams. This lack of integration c

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We are talking to the Planner team to address both of those cases. We've heard a lot of feedback on this, as one might expect -- we just didn't get to these scenarios for... Read More
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My last question, I promise!

I'd really like to be able to rename the general channel. The challenge we have is that general is quite non-descript.

e.g. we might want to have an 'important' channel for discussing key issues around our project, but also a 's

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It is quite annoying in the Swedish version of MS Teams, in a new team there will be a channel named "Allmänt" (Swedish for "General"). If I create a OneNote page from th... Read More

When we allow you to change the name, we recommend that you call your channel Colonel. :smileyhappy:

We are working on the ability to allow you to rename general as we know it doesn't fit all Teams.

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Hi MS Teams team. Really liking the UI and UX with Microsoft Teams. What programming language was MS Teams built with? TypeScript, JavaScript, ...?

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Interesting, thanks!
And lots and lots of open source!
Thanks Dean and great to hear you are liking it. It is built using Angular and Type Script.

We have a need to put a governance process in place for the rollout of Teams which includes putting in a request and then auto creation of the Team/Group. What options do we have to programmatically create a Team?

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Great feedback - we're working on that, and would love feedback (in UserVoice) on specific scenarios.

I'd like to see a PoweApps tab in the same vein as PowerBI. I haven't checked uservoice to see if this has been asked, but since PowerApps is at some point going to be more flexible around device form factors, it makes sense that it can be iframed into a

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I completely agree with this idea.  I'm finding that many of the apps we build in PowerApps aren't driven by the phone interface, but are being designed from the outset a

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For now, there are ways to create custom tabs, bots, and connectors: https://dev.office.com/microsoft-teams


PowerApps is an interesting suggestion as that might let you "

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Any plans on having a Team Calendar? The personal calendar is nice but working as a team it would be nice to have a shared calendar so that we can place Time Off dates and project dates as well.


Also see the New Relic connector, is there an Application In

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Because teams usually have multiple things going on, would be nice to have multiple calendars.  One for Projects, one for vacations (ideally, one that has some work flow

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The problem with the Group Calendar is it cannot be cleanly added via Tabs. It defaults back to the user's Outlook inbox on the first load as a Website Tab, then the user

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Hey guys! I know this is really important and popular request. We're looking into it now. Please lend your vote for it here: https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16933204-include-office-365-group-calendar-in-teams Read More

Group Calendar integration within Teams is MUCH needed. There are some features available within Groups (like scheduling appointments without requiring invitations sent t

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+1 for this idea!

Can we expect improved Yammer integrations, for instance 1.Yammer as a Connector in Teams and 2. Yammer added to the list of default apps from the Tile menu?

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1. It seems like Yammer can take som time to show up as a connector in your Teams setup. I now have it and are able to connect Yammer to a channel, then receiving posts f

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Maybe you also have something to add to this thread, @Pavan Tapadia.

Bill I've just checked this, I don't have a connector for Yammer.
Hi Morten, great questions! Yammer as a connector in teams is already available; you can add it to a channel by right clicking the channel, clicking connectors, and searc... Read More
Thanks Morten! 1. There is already a Yammer Connector. In the Connector window, search for Yammer and you should find it. 2. I like the idea of a Yammer tab - please go t... Read More

I get notifications from generate chat in the channels but emails (from an automated system) don't seem to be able to generate notifications for people, even if they follow the channel. Is this something that's being looked it?

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Is it possible to mention someone via email sent to Teams?
It sounds like a bug Kurt! Sorry about it. Let us take a look
Will flow be able to manage or make use of teams. I would like to automate things and flow would be nice to have a connector to teams
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Here is a good tutorial on how to connect a Flow workflow to update a Team channel when a SharePoint list item is created:  http://www.sharepointknight.com/2017/02/06/post-to-microsoft-team-from-flow/

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You can do this via an incoming webhook. I hooked up Instagram with Flow to post into a team everytime I posted a new photo - it was gramtastic.

Can you describe the scenario a little more? Where would you want to 'kick off' the flow, and what type of content/infomration would you want to capture and bring in?



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Hi Jonas - we love Microsoft Flow too! This is something that we have been thinking about.
Will there every be an admin option to allow users to create a team without having to give them the ability to create Office365 groups? IT group controls creating Office365 groups and don't want our directory to get polluted with all kinds of weird Office... Read More
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It's an interesting request - if I read it correctly, you want the users to be able to create teams, but not Outlook groups. Definitely something to think about. It would... Read More

An Office Group underlies every team.  It provides the basis for membership and membership management

The global rollout of teams has been a real problem for those of us in the Educational space. Msft enabled all users even where they did not enable the product. Then I get told its up to me to de-provision the users to remove the invalid links. Bottom lin

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Mark - here's the straight answer. As of yesterday, Teams is available to Edu users/tenants. Access is governed by two things: 1) a switch at the tenant level and 2) per-... Read More
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When I reflect and try and second guess MS directions and strategies, I increasingly feel that groups is plumbing and will be less of a front-end facing service. Teams takes the disjointed clunkiness of groups and put a much nicer and more intuitive user

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Hi Paul - You're correct, it's the apps in O365 (e.g. Outlook, Yammer, Microsoft Teams) that are the end user experiences. O365 Groups is the cross application membership

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I think the perception that Groups was EVER a front-end offering was a result of a somewhat awkward introduction. IMHO, it was always intended to be plumbing that enabled... Read More

@Kady Dundas - can you please elaborate on this? 

How do you assign members of a team to a specific channel (sub-teams)? 


Is there a way to invite only members of each specific channel (using the channel's email address) to a Scheduled Meeting, without inviting the entire team?

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Some thoughts


Is there a reason the channel structure doesn't just create a subsite of the groups site, that way you could then have unique elements for that subsite/chan

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This is one of my issues as well. In Teams (and Groups) you have Owners and Members and that's it. No unique permissions like in SharePoint. And please correct me if I'm ... Read More
Instead of a private channel - a channel with a subset of the overall team membership (which is not supported), you may want to create a separate team.
Just create a meeting using the little video button in your text field when you are INSIDE the channel and it will auto-post the meeting to the channel.
For your second question, you can do this -- here's how...

How we can save a chat for future reference?

Skype For Business has a functionality to save a conversation as an e-mail;

On OneNote users can send a page as an e-mail (and print).

On Usersvoice Teams it is marked as "we have this". Some advice with how to wi

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We have archiving, search, eDiscovery, etc. as part of the compliance features for IT admins. 

We have team undelete (recover) also for IT admins.

We have save (bookmark) m... Read More

Hi, I'm mainly looking for information regarding Azure Device Based Conditional access requirements and the clients, iOS, Android, Windows, where depending on the CA policies applied to Exchange online and SharePoint Online directly impact the Microsoft T

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We suffer from this as well.

Hey Louis,

Thanks for your feedback. We are planning on adding Teams as its own Cloud app in Azure AD conditional access. 

For now, admins are advised to use EXO and SPO

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Hi, I'm mainly looking for information regarding Azure Device Based Conditional access requirements and the clients, iOS, Android, Windows, where depending on the CA policies applied to Exchange online and SharePoint Online directly impact the Microsoft T

... Read More
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Hey Louis, 


Yes, we have plans to add Teams as its own Cloud app in the Azure AD conditional access portal. Stay Tuned for that. As of now, please know that EXO and SPO

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Hey @Mark Kashman - By default we have the "Files" tab in a Team channel. However, we often connect our Team to existing, structured document libraries in SharePoint Online. It's confusing to have the default "Files" tab alongside the proper SPO locations

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Same challenge!

Great feedback, @Oliver Bartholdson. It's a common ask about existing assets like classic sites and their associated libraries. We are certainly considering how we can be

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Agreed we have the same challenge.

Why did Microsoft create Groups and Teams?

Both have good functions, but both have limitations.

Why lock these cool functions (chat, channeled conversations, even Planner and Yammer functions) into these applications rather than creating modules or apps tha

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It comes down to a team's choice of communication style. Email driven or Chat driven. Email is less time sensitive and currently, easier to go back and process older unre... Read More

1) We are very excited about Teams but we also have a large user base on Yammer. What are some key areas where teams stand out. Some people are finding it very useful and others find it overwhelming. 


2) Data Security : How to keep the data shared in the

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#3 Integration

The integration flow is the opposite way around. With a 'traditional' Team Site you would add a web part to embed a feed or display external content in a fr... Read More
Hi Rohit. I'm not sure why you would limit a person to joining a fixed number of Teams. The goal is to let an individual join or start a team to suit their collaborative ... Read More

Much of how this shakes out will be up to individual initiative in my opinion. Not sure if you've seen this but somehow we navigate the chaos. I would hope that community

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Hey Rohit, 



As far as security of data goes, Teams plugs into the Office 365 Security and Compliance center. So by doing that you get a host of security featu

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