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Is there an ETA for the ability to add pre-existing OneNote items as separate tabs within a channel?

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looks like this one is active now!

YES!  It works for us!  Thank you so much.  

Thanks for the workaround!  Can't wait til this is fully operational!

We would like to request this feature as well. 


Does anyone know if you could create a new Onenote NoteBook in Teams and then just copy all of the existing content from t

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While I know that everyone is waiting for an update as to when this feature would be available, I would like to define the use case a little more:


1. I have an existing O

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Microsoft Team team...


When will the new whiteboard application be integrated into Team meetings so that INK capability can become an integral part of the Team Meeting.


This would blow away your Competition.... even adding Ink to the comments box would do

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Did you know it is available in Skype for Business? 

Best Response confirmed by Steve Dalby (Contributor)

I just recently started using Teams in my classroom. Can you tell me are the following things on your list of issues to address/fix in the very near future? 

- Fully functional iPad app. It's hard to push Teams as a good classroom tool if students cannot t

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There is no iPad app. For shame Microsoft! Get on that now!


And I agree the ability to cross post would be helpful in many situations.

1. iPad app - we are continuing to update the mobile apps to have the same features as the desktop/web apps. What specific features are you missing/expecting?


2. Simult

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To add to this -- FILE SIZE limits? My students get errors that they cannot upload files larger than 20mb? Is this a Microsoft thing or my district has a setting set limi

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When will we be able to give a parent access to view the student's assignments

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Great request. Parent access is a feature are we've investigated quite a bit and have some ideas, but nothing concrete planned at this time. We would probably build it on... Read More

Is there a way to copy a team site and all the channels to a new teams site? We want to create a site structure that all projects follow.

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Yes! We're working on a feature which would allow you to use an existing team as template and allow you to use the channel structure and team info for a new team without

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Best Response confirmed by Juan Carlos González Martín (MVP)


I want to use the Win10 Take a Test app with my students, but Teams currently won't accept the links that TaT produce. I guess it wouldn't be too hard to make this work.


So I wish that when I post a Take a Test-link in a Teams conversation, my students

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Just ran into this today too. Need to distribute a quiz via Teams, but cannot do so with the Take a Test switches (requires https).
Great feature request for EDU. please submit it in user voice.

Is there a mechanism for archiving team spaces when they are no longer needed? This would be important as part of a document retention or  enterprise discovery conversation

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Absolutely need this feature!

team & separate channel archive feature interest - favorites isn't sufficient. 

We are working on developing a feature to archive/shelve a team,

Would need Archive on all activities; Teams, Channel, Conversation, Chat...

We are switching to Slack because they support archiving to Global Relay. Goodbye Teams.

Is it planned to allow us to re-arrange or edit all tabs in a channel?

I would like to create some specific channels that don't start with the conversation and file tabs.

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We have a similar requirement: we would like to rearrange the Conversations and Files tabs so that the Wiki App Tab is the fist (default) one when sombody enter a "channe

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Hey Scott!! Today we support reordering, renaming, and deleting all tabs besides the Conversations and Files tab. Can you share with me the kind of channels you're creati... Read More

When will there be tools to manage Teams:

  • PowerShell
  • Team Naming Policy
  • Retention and Legal holds

As far as I can see, I don't even have a way to see how many Teams have been created on my tenant.


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The official PowerShell module for Teams got published today



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We are actually quite close to shipping a rich set of PowerShell cmdlets for team/channel provisioning, plus GraphAPI support (which the cmdlets are based on). Should be ... Read More
If you make Teams a proper UWP application, notifications will work like charm. Further, it will be possible to drag & drop files from applications like Outlook, and have... Read More

I suggest also checking out this PowerShell module



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Using the SharePoint Online Management console as a Tenant Admin you can filter SPOSites by template type 'GROUP#0'

The 'meat' part looks like this (obviously you can pick

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Is there a way to create Teams template ?

If already planned when ?



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Another vote for templates / forms here.  We would really appreciate the ability to create forms - possibly with optional/mandatory fields, which can be tabbed through.


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Great. Any availability date ?

We're working on team templates. We're also currently working on a feature which would allow you to use an existing team as template and allow you to use the channel stru

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After hosting some meetings using Teams, I recognize it's really annoying when someone of the participants with noisy background sound doesn't mute his microphone.


How / when can we start using the "mute all participants" functionality? Are other features

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HI everyone! 


We wanted to let you all know that this requested feature is now live!


Mute someone in a meeting

Mute individual meeting participants straight from the

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We're just hitting this issue too. Some of our users tried to run a mass presentation in Teams - wanting to be clever about the nicer collaboration features and introduci

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Hey Harold, 

The 'Mute All Participants' feature is coming this quarter. 

Best Response confirmed by Harold van de Kamp (Contributor)

Could you please provide us an update if Microsoft is planning to provide MSI (for SCCM deployment) or or O365 Pro Plus installer package for Microsoft Teams. There is Users Voice but it is not mentioned that it has been planned for development. https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/17380159-improve-install-options-install-for-all-users-an

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We are actively working with the ProPlus installer and SCCM to get Teams included in the installer packages and infrastructure. We need to make sure we can maintain a hea... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Svetlana Avramova (Contributor)



In the roadmap we can see that there will be calling capabilities using on-premises phone trunks (Feature ID 24199). Will this use Skype for Business Server 2015 to use the on-prem SIP trunks? Will there be support for CCE?

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CCE is for on-premises deployments. Bringing your trunks to teams will be a direct connect. Specific architecture details to come later.

Microsoft has been running a TV add featuring a whiteboard in the add. In fine print it indicated the whiteboard will be available soon. Is there any information on the Teams whiteboard and/or availability? 

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WhiteBoard is showing as Preview (https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-whiteboard/digital-whiteboard-app) the add is really nice, sadly still only PC when so much ... Read More
Greg, you might be thinking of Microsoft Whiteboard available for the Surface Hub?

In a number of the annoucements and demos we saw "WhoBot" when will this be avaliable within Teams?

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It appears with the announcements today, you can now install the Who bot. I've written up a blog post on this https://blog.hyperfish.com/microsoft-teams-whobot 

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@Bill Bliss, is there any update to the "WhoBot" release timing?

Me too, Is there any news on status?

WhoBot is my feature - we are working to make it available as soon as possible. I don't have a specific date to share unfortunately but we're hard at work finishing it.
Best Response confirmed by Michael Holste (Community Manager)

Still waiting...

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It appears with the announcements today, you can now install the Who bot. I've written up a blog post on this https://blog.hyperfish.com/microsoft-teams-whobot 

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Hi Barry! I am Lisa Ruff and I work for H3 Solutions - (We are long time SharePoint and Office 365 consultant and solution builder) I saw you asked about a bot in teams 

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Hey Barry, WhoBot is under active development and should be coming soon :)

It's been a while since we've seen the WhoBot. I'd be interested in understanding what the delay was. Is the concern on the data in peoples profiles in normal customer tenants not making this feature very useful?

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I'm guessing WhoBot might be curious about LinkedIn too...
WhoBot is coming soon, so stay tuned. WhoBot will help customers to identify subject matter experts in their organization.

Will be there any quick way to edit the last message I send? Something like hitting the up arrow?

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How is such a simple shortcut still not available is unbelieaveble. I understand if we were looking for a non-existing feature, but you have the feature already.

To add to Pauls response - We also do plan to support using the up arrow to get back into edit mode so you won't always have to go to the "...". Also, just for the clarit... Read More
Hey Rui - we do have it! :-) check out the more menu (...)

I almost forgot one of our biggest requests--the ability to set custom email addresses for each channel, preferably within our own domain.


Is this feature planned, and if so is there any timeframe avaiable at the moment?

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Has there been any change in the timeline for the ability to change channel emails ?

Teams has been great to use so far but not being able to have easy to recognize email

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Has there been any change to the timeline for being able to change channel email addresses ?

I have come across this request today in our organization specially because of the domain name used in the email address and it totally make sense to have a team.channel ... Read More

I'd like to see tighter integration with Office 365 on this.  When creating an email address for a channel on teams, the ideal email address format should be <teamname>.<

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I can see this being a valuable option.  Is it possible to at least specify the domain that the email address is created in?


BTW, I think this uservoice item may be what

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When it will be possible to login with MSA (Microsoft Account) on Teams ?

Screenshots below.




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This feature is yet not able in Microsoft Team.. You can currently add a guest use with O365/ school and personal account...
I think that's implemented already. if you search for it, tons of valuable information is pulled up. It's remarkably easy to set up as well; Matt Soseman gives a great wa... Read More
Guest access for MSA users (any non-AAD email address) is coming in the next couple months. That will enable those users to be invited to a team, and then use that accoun... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Michael Holste (Community Manager)

What reporting will be available for Microsoft Teams in the short-term and in the future? Can we look forward to Microsoft Team integration with the upcoming Power BI adoption content pack? Are there any timescales that can be shared?


On a side note manag

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+1 For this functionality. Any indication of roadmap would be greatly appreciated from us.

+1 we need stats on usage reports - by overall Site and Channels, ideally with some visualization. Engagement is the main measure of success and chat control is also key.

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As we roll out MS Teams to our user community, I have a need to query the posts (in some cases) to create Power BI visuals for trending topics (e.g. word clouds).  Need a

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I second the reporting request. It would be great to be able to show real usage numbers to higher management to show the utilization of Teams. This like Teams and Chat me

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We're working on a team and tenant dashboard - nothing specific to disclose now. You can get some reporting via the compliance capabilities in the time being.

Because the Surface Hub can only run Windows Store apps, the current incarnation of the Teams app cannot be used on Surface Hub.  Is there a Store version of the Teams client coming?

If so, will it be available for use on all Windows clients, or only on Su

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This is on our roadmap and likely to be available by end of Q2 of 2018
Same - roadmap released yesterday mentions Edge support as well as Surface Hubs. Roadmap here https://skypeandteams.blob.core.windows.net/artefacts/Skype%20for%20Business%20to%20Teams%20Capabilities%20Roadmap.pdf... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Steve Whitcher (Frequent Contributor)
Great question. I’m interested in the answer too. I expect that MSTeams might also work with Edge browser on the Hub soon.

There is currently support to view document libraries in a tab, but not a native SharePoint list. Has there been any thoughts on this?

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this needs to be added to the user voice, if it is not already

I would love to see this in Teams - as previously said using the tab to link a list via website has poor UX.

+ 1 for this request but I think this is going to be solved with the SPO integration improvements coming to Teams, correct?
Hi Sherman, you can do this by using the Website connector for now as a work around, but I could see a benefit of having a more streamlined list form item. Ideally the Po... Read More

Hi, I'm mainly looking for information regarding Azure Device Based Conditional access requirements and the clients, iOS, Android, Windows, where depending on the CA policies applied to Exchange online and SharePoint Online directly impact the Microsoft T

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Hey Louis, 


Yes, we have plans to add Teams as its own Cloud app in the Azure AD conditional access portal. Stay Tuned for that. As of now, please know that EXO and SPO

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Hello! I'm Alison from the UNC Office 365 Team. A question we received recently from one of our customers is whether you can create a direct link to a channel within a Team? The use case is this: A student has a question about an application they use that

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Uhm... if you consider a "link" to be hundreds of characters than span multiple lines in e-mail messages. Those things are scary, unreadable, and nobody is willing to cli... Read More

I have the same use case. Has anyone found an answer to this?

We want to send a link out to have people join a public team instead of having to search for it...bc frankly

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Hi Allison - Channel links exist. Go to your Teams, hover on the channel name, click on the ellipsis (...) and you should see "Get link to channel"
Best Response confirmed by Juan Carlos González Martín (MVP)

How we can save a chat for future reference?

Skype For Business has a functionality to save a conversation as an e-mail;

On OneNote users can send a page as an e-mail (and print).

On Usersvoice Teams it is marked as "we have this". Some advice with how to wi

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We have archiving, search, eDiscovery, etc. as part of the compliance features for IT admins. 

We have team undelete (recover) also for IT admins.

We have save (bookmark) m... Read More

When can we expect a full integrations with Planner? Right now the integration is very limited and very quirky.

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Same question here.

I just started using Teams and Planner as way to collaborate across multiple teams.  It's fine for creating buckets of tasks and associating team members (kudos) for that

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Hey Kevin, thanks for reaching out! We're working on making improvements to our Planner experience, can you share with me what issues you've been having? We actively list... Read More



When will non O365 accounts be able to be added to a team. At the moment there is a clunky workaround where the partner needs t have an Azure account. When can this be opened up for consumer Microsoft accounts or just an email address?


At the moment, t

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So can't wait for MSA access, this will make lots of people very happy :)
To be clear, the workaround doesn't actually work with Teams. But we are working on MSA support right now, and it shouldn't be much longer - that will allow anybody with ... Read More

Any plans on having a Team Calendar? The personal calendar is nice but working as a team it would be nice to have a shared calendar so that we can place Time Off dates and project dates as well.


Also see the New Relic connector, is there an Application In

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Why not have 1 calendar that I fill in and have the items show in multiple places, based on a selection I make.  Why should I need to keep multiple calendars?  It is a co

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Another issue related to Team Calendars are the meeting invites. When you book a Room with the initial meeting, and then you need to move the meeting, the calendar no lon... Read More
One of our teams added their Groups SharePoint Calendar as a Tab by adding the Link to the Calendar. So now the Tab displays the Teams Live SharePoint Calendar.

+1 for calendar tab

+ xxx1 Team Calendar. 

I have to use sharepoint to establish a calendar and add this page back to Team Tab as temp use

Microsoft Graph not available to retrieve Teams Chats in a SPFx WebPart.
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We're working on more Graph API support for message content; there are some permissions challenges to work through. Would love to hear more about the scenario in our user... Read More

Microsoft Teams supports Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome & Firefox but will there be expanded support for other browsers?


Safari support is due soon from what I gather but could Teams not block browsers it doesn't recognize and just offer the best experie

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I use a browser based on chromium and when I change the user agent string everything works fine. Would be glad if you would deliver that experience by default.

Is there a link to what is officially supported?

Cian, you raise a good point. It is a tricky decision on offering a great experience vs not offering one. We have an internal bar of where we would like our browser exper... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Cian Allner (Trusted Contributor)

@Christophe Fiessinger suggested last week in Twitter thread that I should ask this question in this Teams AMA...


Can we get a release date for when Teams will be available in GOV tenants? I saw the announcement yesterday about EDU tenants, so I am hoping

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Still Microsoft teams are not available for Government tenant. Any update on it.

Microsoft Teams is actively pursuing FedRAMP compliance and bringing a GCC offering to market. We will share updates via the public Office 365 Roadmap as soon as we have

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The absence of a Linux Client is a major roadblock to implementing Teams across our company. Can you share any progress on this?

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Thanks for raising this Barry. This is under review, we are evaluating it.

We publish actionable message cards in our team channel, but if the message is too long, it is truncated in the iOS app. Is this a bug? It's not good if you can't read the whole message on mobile if we f.e. publish news this way.


Do you know about this?

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Thank you for the feedback! It is a bug and we are fixing it.

Know that I heard Dan Talking about Shared Channels being look at, can we expect that around the time of Private channels or you guys thinking way out probably twards end of next year etc. for this functionality? Would be great for cross Team collab witho

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Private channels and shared channels are related architecturally and we are working on both at the same time, but I expect private channels to come out before shared chan... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Christopher Webb (Valued Contributor)

Hi All! At Ignite it was announced that Teams usage metrics were being released Mid-October in Admin Center. Do you have an updated release time? Daily, I log into admin center hoping that the options will be there under reports!

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It should be out in the next month or so. Please watch the release notes! Thank you for checking in

@Karuana Gatimu do you know of an update on this?

What's the roadmap look like for VDI support in Teams?  


Including installation location, as well as media offloading.

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We also have the need to  put Teams on  non persistent VDI. 


Is the problem solved yet ?


Best regards,

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Hey Jeremy - VDI is a known requirement. Currently the team is evaluating the timing and resources. When we have more information we will add to the roadmap. In particula... Read More

The use case is for lifecycle management.  e.g. Channel starts in a sales prospects team, deal closes and the channel gets copied or moves to a projects team, project done and the channel moves to a support team.

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Please vote on user vote sites for the ability to move channels between #Teams https://microsoftteams.uservoice.com/forums/555103-public/suggestions/16939708-move-channels-into-other-teams

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That's a great use case. We don't have it in our roadmap yet but feedback taken!

Hi Teams folks - there was a great slide at Ignite (below) that finally put all three Office 365 Group communications methods into one graphic, which targeted the 'correct' use cases for Teams, Yammer, and Outlook. The one problem is Yammer still isn't in

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I think the Yammer team would be able to provide you with more specificity on Yammer and Groups, won't you please post this question here https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Yammer/bd-p/YammerGeneral thank

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We're having problem getting the App icon "number notification" (the number indicating number of  received/unseen messages) on some phones (Android). Other phones/tablet (also Android) do receive these. Any guidelines available on specific phone settings

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I don't know what you mean by are they active in the Desktop App. They are active on Lync but you have to go to Lync to see if they are active. I want to see who is activ... Read More
I can't see the active participants on Teams and I'm unable to copy and paste from Teams. Please advise.
Are the users active in the Desktop App?