Skype for Business Online end-of life?

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Microsoft Teams now contains all functionality of Skype for Business Online. Is there a time period known in which Skype for Business Online will be actually end-of-life and thus removed from the O365 suite?

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This is actually not the case. Teams lacks many features that Skype for Business Online currently has, such as:
- in-meeting whiteboard
- in-meeting polls
- in-meeting annotation of PPT slides

And we use all those features weekly in our training sessions and to facilitate remote meetings.


Also, fact is that Skype4B is no longer available on new O365 subscriptions with less than 500 users. So they have already begun to phase it out.

Microsoft Teams now contains all functionality of Skype for Business Online.


@Jonas Lindström you are right that the migration has started with new tenants and some other very small tenants, and Microsoft will be ramping up the migrations as the remove the features that are blocking migrations.


Microsoft Whiteboard will be integrating with Teams pretty soon, there is already a third party whiteboard available.


For a meeting poll you can using @forms in the meeting chat to present a question, I would suggest posting to the Teams uservoice with specific needs.


I'm not sure on the PowerPoint annotation point, not something I've ever used, again vote it up on uservoice to get the developers attention.

Sure there are still some open items, but a lot of them are in the O365 roadmap. And indeed, the smaller subscriptions no longer have the option for Skype for Business showing it has begun to phase out. The question now is, when will the larger subscriptions lose the service so we know when to prepare for the shift.

You can laugh about it, but the fact that Skype is no longer available for new small business licenses does show the phasing out of Skype has started...

Thanks! And just to check: If I use @forms in the meeting chat - does that work with meetings that are not in channel, too? In other words, can guests from other orgs also answer the @forms?

Good point, not currently as chat doesn't work with people in other tenants right now (to my knowledge). It's coming soon though.

Oh, I'm not arguing that the push has started.  I'm just laughing at the statement that Teams has reached feature parity with SfB Online.  I'm not even sure Microsoft's marketing team believes that. 

I prefer to look at what I can't do in Skype but can do in Teams, for example easily continue a conversation between devices.


Yes there are some things from Skype that have yet to come to Teams, but no way would I be choosing to use Skype over Teams.

Totally agree Steven, I heard all the complaining about little things in Skype and I'm like, but have you used or are you taking for granted all the other features you gain by using Teams?

@Steven Collierwhat exactly do you mean by "continue a conversation between devices"?

If I start a chat conversation on my pc, I can start using my phone instead, it's all there. Seems minor but isn't something that SfB ever successfully achieved.


Incidentally the same applies to meetings, if I open my mobile teams app I can see I'm in the meeting on my pc, connect in a muted mode to use the phone to share screen, photos or the like, or unmute to bring the call to the phone. 

@Steven Collier Okay, I got ya. I was hoping you meant transferring a call to another device. I'm desperately waiting for the function to allow me to accept a call on the desktop and then transfer it to the mobile device and vice versa.

Rich contact management is still lacking.

Quid tag for status changes

Quid assigning contacts to groups & attribute levels

For me those are features that Skype has to work around not having persistent chat, so aren't as relevant in Teams.


1. I don't need to tag for status change as I can send a message whenever, they will get it when they are next available.

2. I don't need contact groups to allow me to start a group conversation as I can just create a group chat and keep it as a favourite.

I would also like to know this as I've not been contacted in any way nor seen any notification that we have a migration coming soon.

Hey Brent, I posted about this on my blog some time ago.




Check your email for sneakily worded emails from MS.

Hi, few questions 🤞🏼
-Is there a (new)publicly available ETA, on when Skype for Business Online will be EOL. 
-If your tenant is scheduled for an upgrade to Teams, is there a way to postpone this upgrade, perhaps via a service request?

@Martijn Steffens There's still no confirmed date for SFB Online end of life. If you want to follow Mio on LinkedIn or Twitter then we'll tweet and post about it as soon as we hear. 


You can postpone your upgrade if it's an automated one. When you receive the auto upgrade email, there are instructions on how to postpone. So far, all I've heard is that auto upgrades are for sub 500 users and minimal (usually zero) usage.


Here's my original blog post, if that helps: https://dispatch.m.io/skype-for-business-endoflife/ and there's a link to th