SharePoint integration in Teams

Alexandre Decaesteker
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Hi regarding the files tab in there any plan to integrate more SharePoint features in Teams regarding the document management like file history, direct printing etc....

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This is annouced at Microsoft Ignite last year hope to see it coming soon!

@Mark Kashman - do you have any insight on the above?


Hi @Alexandre Decaesteker,


In general, the items we talk about as being core SharePoint integrations in MS Teams are:


  • SharePoint is the content service that powers the default Files (tab) experience in Teams. Our goal is to bring a common, powerful files coherence experience throughout Office 365 - so taking the power of SharePoint document libraries and bringing that same, rich set of capabilities into Teams, OneDrive, Outlook and more. (see below screenshots to visualize the experience we are working on to enable soon).
  • You can easily add additional document libraries as tabs in Teams (there is a document library tab to do this when you add a tab "+")
  • Add SharePoint lists and pages as tabs in Teams (there is a "SharePoint" tab you can add "+" that then shows available lists and pages you can choose from)
  • Use the SharePoint News connector to have team news flow directly from SharePoint (even when you publish news on the go from the SharePoint mobile app) and into the Teams Conversation tab.
  • It, too, is possible to add full sites (team sites and communication sites) as tabs in Teams using th Website tab "+"
And then there are the Teams experiences in SharePoint:
  • The ability to "teamify" a SharePoint team site in one click. This takes a modern, group-connected team site and adds a new Teams app experience (where then site users see "Teams" appear in the left-hand nav, and any of the above is then directly possible between the team site and associated Teams team (to bring in news, lists, pages, Files tab connects to the default document library, additional libraries, etc.).
  • SharePoint folders within the document library that have associated Teams channels show a button that indicates they are connected to Teams and ion one click can take the user into that associated Teams.
  • And then a fun (more for developers) geeky one; you can now bring SharePoint web parts into Teams as tabs, and vice versa - you can bring Teams connectors/tabs into SharePoint as full-page apps.
I've written a few things recently that help address SharePoint + Teams = better together...



Cc @paul keijzers @Rima Reyes 

+ a few screenshots

SP-Teams-New-Files-experience_001_Ignite18.pngThe new SharePoint files experience powered by SharePoint.

SP-Teams-New-Files-experience_002_Ignite18.pngThe new Files experience in MS Teams powered by SharePoint (showing column formatting)

SP-Teams-New-Files-experience_002-w-chat_Ignite18.pngThe new FIles experience in MS Teams powered by SharePoint side-by-side team chat.

Hello Mark!

Will SPFx extensions (command set and Field Customizer) also available in Teams Files?

Hi Mark, great features and summary !


Can you share any screenshot about Teams connectors/tabs into SharePoint?

Any plan for a Teams web part in SharePoint soon?

Thank you Mark!

Thx @Mark Kashman  for all those informations, can't wait to use the new SharePoint files experience in MS Teams

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