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Svetlana Avramova

How we can save a chat for future reference?

Skype For Business has a functionality to save a conversation as an e-mail;

On OneNote users can send a page as an e-mail (and print).

On Usersvoice Teams it is marked as "we have this". Some advice with how to will be helpful.

Thank you!


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We have archiving, search, eDiscovery, etc. as part of the compliance features for IT admins. 

We have team undelete (recover) also for IT admins.

We have save (bookmark) message  for end users. We do not​​​​​​​ have the ability to save messages to a file, or print them - would be a great new piece of feddback.
How about looking into "send to OneNote" or something similar?

Where in Microsoft Teams do I find this? I cannot move off from Slack without the 7 year compliance archiving and legal discovery options. 

So they still haven't rolled out the standard 7 year retention. There's no option for some of us to use it. We have compliance requirements and without it, we cannot use this tool. Back to Slack!

@Dan Stevenson wrote:
We have archiving, search, eDiscovery, etc. as part of the compliance features for IT admins. 

Many people have responsibility for archiving customer interactions, incident history, etc who do not have nor will ever have IT administration functions. This is not a useful answer.


I agree that some form of print/save/export is needed for teams conversations.


Can't team conversations be archived in Office 365 groups somehow? For example: When you make a new Team, a new Office365 group is created with an associated email address. Why can't each conversation within a team/channel be included in this shared group as a conversation/email thread?

@Delkor_Liam Yes, you can create a Compliance Policy

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