Can Yammer Now be replaced by Team Chat?

Morten Myrstad

I think I have picked up from roadmap discussions, that the chat feature in Yammer, Yammer Now, will be replaced by the persistent chat from Skype for Business. To me, it seems to be much more logic to replace Yammer Now with Microsoft Team Chat. Can we expect this to happen?

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Agree. Yammer as a separate product makes sense - it's social, not chat/collab. But the chat functionality makes sense to be deprecated and replaced with teams integration.
Hi Morten and Henry, we agree with your thinking that Yammer and Microsoft Teams are separate products. As Henry says, we recommend Yammer for social enterprise networks for scenarios such as finding best practices across the company and for CEO connections. Persistent chat for these discussions is valuable for others to leverage past learnings. Microsoft Teams is designed for highly engaged teams to work together on shared deliverables and project. Persistent chat in this scenario is useful as new team members join the team and for catching up on missed discussions.

It's not a replacement as for different teams and different purposes within your organization you will want/need different ways to communicate.

Similar to a more consumer approach where you have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn offering similar "features" they serve different purposes even though they all allow you to post text/images.


Outlook Conversations

Emails within the Group, can receive emails from outside and basically it's the Inbox we know


Yammer Conversations

You post, like a bulletin or announcement or ideas, whatever it is... in this context you do not necessarily know who is going to reply, it's not directed to a named person or group. Almost more of a broadcast type of conversation which you can identify by a unique URL and thus reference it anywhere else.


Teams Conversations

This is chat, high velocity collaboration/communication. Think of it when you start a Facebook Messenger Group chat or WhatsApp Group chat... it's live and happening quick and now



The idea is that a team/group in your organization may need all or some at any given point while they are working on various project or whatnot. Hope this helps, I know it's different than the traditional method we have been looking at things with from IT. Reality is, our end users need that flexibility without always having to request from IT otherwise they will bypass us and get it elsewhere.

I perfectly get this @Benjamin Niaulin. There are different conversation modalities, different contexts and different cultures in teams and companies. But I still want it to be easy to move from one conversational mode to another. What I therefore want to see, is that you from inside of Yammer, you could move directly into a team or personal chat based on the Microsof Team functionality. Replacing the Online Now feature, that is.