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Andrea Bracken
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When will we see Teams in the O365 app launcher

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Hi Andrea, at this time, end users do not see the Microsoft Teams app tile in the app launcher after an admin turns on Microsoft Teams for an organization. We expect to add this in the near future. Admins can direct end users to go to to get desktop and mobile apps. For mobile apps, users can also go to the relevant mobile store for Google Play, Apple App Store, and Microsoft Store. Users can also log into the Microsoft Teams web app via
The icon for Microsoft Teams will show up in the app launcher, waffle, etc. in the coming weeks.'s easier to "announce" new features when they can be seen directly within the environment, I think.


I just saw "Microsoft Teams" showing up in my E4 License with a slider to turn it off.

So activating Teams within out Tenant and turn it off in all our E4 User Licenses should bring the same result, right?

If yes it would be great, because then we can test it in a small group.

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