Adding an Existing OneNote notebook to Teams

Stuart Ayres
New Contributor

Hi there, Stuart here from Myddelton College in North Wales. 


I’m desperate to be able to link pre-existing OneNote notebooks to new channels. As a School we’ve been using OneNote almost exclusively for all our lesson content for 2 years now, so we have tons of OneNote material to link in. Now we want to take lesson delivery and collaboration to the next level using Teams. When will this functionality be available to teachers?

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Currently you can copy the link from the Notebook into the OneNote app and link it in this way.  You can link a page, section or entire notebook as long as you open in the desktop client to get the link

Thanks Karuana, yes, I’ve seen this as a workaround, but it seems clumsy while there’s an existing Class Notebook tab which would be separate to the existing notebook tab. In my experience any duplication like this only confuses students and teachers, so I was wondering when/if we were going to get the ability to link to existing notebooks rather than having to make a new one with each new channel.


I'm looking for this feature, too!  

It would be great to get an ETA for this feature. I’m hoping to roll out Teams more completely to staff at our September INSET and I really want to tell them that the feature is on its way. Anyone know when EDU customers might get it?


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